My last final hit the books yesterday. I slept this morning until nearly 9:00 and the kids fixed their own breakfast. It’s 2:00 now, I’m curled up on the couch and all of us are still in our pajamas. I’ve made a pot of beans, some spanish rice, and a flank steak is in the slow-cooker. The house smells divine, pale golden sunlight slants in the south-facing windows and I’m contemplating a scalding hot shower. That’s it. My whole day. This quarter just about killed me, and absolutely killed my perfect GPA. But it’s now under the bridge, and I’m going sit here and stare into space and try to remember who I am. Posts forthcoming.

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  1. I’m anticipating you’re going to get sick as a dog any day now. I always did after finals. Get it over with before Christmas, if you can.

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