Bean Got Dunked

So a few things happened while I was trying to keep my nose above water and knock out this last quarter. Last Saturday, Bean was baptized. It was only a few months late, but it was his own choice- which was really the only way he’d ever do it. We did some dry runs with our most awesome home teacher, and Bean was good to go.

He was very proud of the suit jacket I scored at the thrift store (so was I!) and even allowed a few very quick pictures.

This is how we rolled into the stake center. What can I say? It was all about keeping him relaxed, and the most important thing was his happiness and comfort. It worked.

He willingly changed into the white little prison suit, and we had the font to ourselves. There was no music, no songs, no crowds, no talks. We had an opening prayer, the baptism (he was proud he did not plug his nose, citing swimming lessons at the Y as good practice) and confirmation after he changed, right there next to the font by our bishop and a good friend. Then a closing prayer. That was it.

The young man who performed the baptism is the older brother of the boy who gave Bean his bugle. It was good practice for him, and he blessed us by being so kind and willing. Bean only ran and hid once, and then got to choose anything he wanted for dinner. He picked Taco Bell. Nevermind they don’t serve English muffins. So we drove thru Taco Bell, then went home and I made him English muffins. I love this kid.

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  1. Ohmiheavens, I absolutely LOVE how you made this baptism work without the distractions. I love reading how your ward works. Did you make all the suggestions, or did your bishop and HT suggest it first? How did Bean finally make his decision?

    The Love Magnet has just barely started talking about wanting to be baptized (over a year since she turned 8). We’re taking this very slow.

  2. Way to go Bean! That’s so awesome. Adding in maybe one song that’s kind of how I’d like my kids’ baptisms to be someday. It always feels so long and drawn out in the meeting leading up to it and I always feel like saying, “Come on! Let’s get this show on the road already!” I’m impatient that way, though. Totally laughing about not having any English muffins at Taco Bell. Who knew?

  3. Wonderful. This was just wonderful. I loved reading this so much. Thank you for the window into your world. Congratulations to all of you, most especially of course to Bean.

  4. Our bishop and HT know Bean well, and it was established from the get-go that he couldn’t have managed a regular shindig. The bishop was supportive of whatever we needed to do to make it work for him. I “planned” it, if such a word can be used. “Fill the font, we’re on our way…”

    Someone did play some interlude music on the piano while I changed him back into dry clothes, but she stopped as soon as we came out of the dressing room.

    A friend of mine said she wished all baptisms were like this. I kinda agree…

  5. I love how you had the baptism that worked for Bean.
    And he looks so happy!
    Congratulations to him on his special day!

    Love that you get the support from your ward, amazingly awesome!

  6. lol This is awesome; and the way every baptism should be- meaning it should be the child’s decision and a program that is suitable for the occasion. Having 35 8 yr. olds is appropriate, as is a full day of singing and talks, but so is taking individuals into consideration and adapting.

    Our Bishop decided the best way to baptize a very frail and near death senior who wanted to be baptized was “after death”, to which she agreed after a few sessions with the Bishop. Baptizing her would have been extremely hard on her physically, mentally, and more than likely would have literally led to her premature demise. So, with the approval of all concerned, she was baptized on her death date a year after she passed, 3.5 years after she committed to being a member.

    The point is, a Bishop has the right to do what is necessary for the *individuals* in his ward. Kudos for such a great day, and English muffins!

  7. Thank you for sharing. Love the pictures of your smiling, happy children. How wonderful that your bishop & HT were so willing to help make this the day that Bean needed.

  8. Love it, love it, love it. Being in a Primary Presidency, I appreciate reading this as we have children with unique needs coming up to baptism age and this helps with the “how” of it all 🙂 Thanks for this.

  9. This post put a big smile on my face on a rather trying day. (It wouldn’t be that hard of a day in your universe, of course.) Thanks for posting the adorable pictures.

  10. Congrats to the whole family! what a wonderful milestone and that everyone worked together to make Bean comfortable and make it special for him. Blessings to all!

  11. Reading carelessly (while watching “Two Broke Girls”) I thought your post title was “Bean got Drunk.” Upon closer examination, I’m glad to see that I can’t read!

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