Bean is not a fan of having his picture taken; he stiffens up and can’t navigate what to do with his body. So tonight, when I saw him curled up by the heater vent with a tangled mess of lights, I sat down quietly near him, put the lens on telephoto, and just clicked photos while we talked softly. I never put the viewfinder near my face, and I’m not sure he knew I was even taking pictures- and what I got were magical, tender shots of my dear son. It’s Bean, as he is- relaxed and talking to his mama- and how most people never get to see him. My heart is soft and overflowing for this boy, and I’m grateful I caught this fleeting moment.

17 thoughts on “Tenderness

  1. “how most people never get to see him”

    I like to think of “the Book of Life” as a scrapbook, and I can’t wait to see the pictures in it that reflect God’s view of me “how most people (including myself) never get to see (me)”.

  2. A friend directed me to your blog tonight (I asked for cute ones), and I just love your photos & words. These of your son are wonderful! Made me want to go grab my own lights & leave them in a tangle for the boys to find, actually. Then I saw the pictures from his baptism and realized what a treasure they really must be. Your boys sound like amazing people. (Haven’t been here long enough to find daughter stories yet.)

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