Superfudge Stand

So Jeffrey’s got a thing for fudge. And by thing, I mean a huge obsession. He and his best pal at school even make it themselves and then trade during school. Now, once upon a time, I thought I had the best fudge recipe in the land- but I was mistaken. Recently, I was given a lesson in real fudge making, and shown the error of my ways- and now I state with confidence that I truly possess the secret of joy. Fudge joy.

So Jeffrey’s eyes light up as he munches on a small cube of the chocolatey, creamy goodness- we ixnay any nuts in ours and just go for the truffle texture. With chocolate on his nose, Jeffrey asks me if he can have a Fudge Stand, in the stylings of a Lemonade Stand, for Christmas. He wants to name his company Superfudge, in homage to one of his favorite books, and sit out by the street pimping his fudge. I had him make his own batch with the new recipe, and he’s even more gung-ho. Would you stop at a Fudge Stand, manned by a stout redheaded, freckle-faced boy at the end of his driveway in the snow? I’m pretty sure I would…

16 thoughts on “Superfudge Stand

  1. Ah, see I knew this was going to happen! The recipe is not mine- it was shared with me by a loved friend, and I’ll have to get permission to share it. I’ll ask. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. If I ever left my house, I would definitely stop by a fudge stand, especially one named Superfudge (good book). I’ve been craving fudge today. Maybe I’ll make some this afternoon.

  3. Darn it all, I had on plan today to make fudge before I saw your post. Now you say that we can’t have the Superfudge recipe yet? *sigh* I guess I’ll have to get started with the Cookie Dough fudge and the caramels instead.

  4. So help me, if it were my recipe to give out, I totally would. I always give out my best recipes. This one is a friend’s family recipe and without his permission, I can’t give it out. I’ll see though!

  5. As long as there was a hand-lettered “SuperFudge” sign behind the stand, that’s a really stupid question. If for no other reason than to continue to convince Michelle to stay with me, of course I would stop.

  6. It is a genuinely terrific idea. Even better if he can get a stand that looks like one Lucy from Peanuts sat behind. Baby boomers won’t be able to help themselves.

  7. Forget STOP by Jeffrey’s fudge stand – I would FLY to get some of his fudge.

    Alas, that costs more than fudge-stand prices…

    I guess that means we hope for your friend’s permission to share the recipe. If not, you can always share (or link to where you’ve already shared…) your former recipe.

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