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Not sure if it’s a function of Facebook and Twitter, or if its a by product of the chaotic and frenetic pace of life right now- but I can’t seem to flesh out anything into anything resembling a decent essay. It’s all tidbits right now. So there it is.

I’ve long admitted a crush on Anthony Bourdain, and his new show “The Layover” combines for me not only his acerbic sense of humor, but my own loves of travel and local food. He was in San Francisco tonight, and I was wicked homesick, and loving it.

Today was my first day back to school. I had one four-hour class. The prof was a no-show, and his grad student showed long enough to pass out the syllabus and tell us all to go home. I’m all for a free night, but the first class? And when it’s only once a week and next week is a holiday? I wasted a sitter, one of my parking passes, and the time and effort to get to campus during commute time. Not very happy.

I have deep-midnight cobalt-blue travel mug that I utterly adore. Only every time I use it, I try and sip from the wrong side, and pour tea all over myself. Tonight was no exception. The color delights me so I ignore the drips.

There was an alignment of the stars today, and my student loans funded, I got hold of a real person at DSHS, I paid my bills, and Costco had running shoes in my size that fit perfectly and were less than $40. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, and being grateful.

Eating super healthy and seeing the benefits in my skin before I see it anywhere else. I have to be so neurotic about avoiding gluten for the small inconvenience of anaphylaxis. But now I’m giving up diet Coke. and diet Dr Pepper. I know. Weep for me. But my skin is so happy. And I’m vain enough to navigate withdrawal headaches for a few days for my skin to glow.

Speaking of, go to Smitten Kitchen and make the carrot ginger soup. Here’s the recipe. Just trust me, no matter how much you like it- don’t eat three bowls. That’s about a pound of carrots right there and your tummy- er, MY tummy- wasn’t quite prepared for that much carroting. But DO pickle the green onions- super yummy. And easy.

Need to write my thank-you notes for Christmas. If you’re waiting on one, I promise it’s coming.

I’ve decided to finally renew my passport. It’s not like I have any looming international travel plans or anything- though I do have this fierce desire to go to Brazil. (despite Newt thinking us Welfare Mom’s can buy vacation packages with our foodstamps, I haven’t figured out how to manage that yet) But I do think someone who loves to travel as much as I do should have a valid passport.

I love arugula.

10 thoughts on “Random Crap: Tidbits

  1. Mmm. Looking at that carrot soup recipe and the soy-glazed meatballs she suggests would go great with the soup. I think that must be dinner sometime this week.

    Envy on the travel mug.

    My first day of classes dumped a ton of reading: pediatric swallowing, school age language (there will be a ton of autism Dx and Tx in there), research class, clinic, and the start of thesis. Quick trip to the bookstore, $500 in books, and I’m ready to go.

    Glad your funding went through. Consider the running shoes a tender mercy.

  2. That soup recipe is calling to me. It sounds really good right now. Hooray for getting your student loans funded! It’s a miracle to get that worked out sometimes, and I’m utterly shocked you were able to speak to a real, live person on the phone. My husband wants to go to Brazil. The mission he served in there is getting a temple sometime this year or next – we’re not sure when it will be finished – and he wants to go to the dedication. I’m hoping we’ll at least be able to send him, even if none of the rest of us can manage it.

  3. You sound “head busy”. humalah humalah on A.B. : ) Yay for student loans! Yay for dribbly mugs? o.k. Boo and hiss on that prof! There should be some way of reclaiming lost fees due to a teacher just blowing off their duty without notice. Brazil (or any place warm for me) is always a good idea. And Newt? That man not only scares me, I truly think he is deeply evil. So a pox on him for many reasons!

  4. YAY for student loans funding, mine should be here tomorrow so I can go buy books (and pay bills). Hate when professors do that, why can’t they give notice!
    I start school next Tuesday and that means I have 2 semesters and a summer left before I’m done. And for some strange reason that scares the crap out of me!
    Good job on the soda, it’s hard but good! I’m back on the no soda train, wish I would see it in my skin, but my stomach loves me for it.
    Now off to get the kids on the bus so I can come home and drool over food pictures.

  5. I like having a passport – even though there is, sadly, no international travel on the horizon – just because, hey, you never know when you might need to flee the country.

    (Note: Morocco has no extradition treaty with the U.S. Not that I’m suggesting anything. Just passing on completely random info….)


  6. Yay for random crap – I love it! Can you share the secret of your lovely clear glowing skin? I don’t really drink much soda as it is and I am trying to cut it out altogether right now. Are you doing anything else?
    What is it about profs not showing up the first day? Last night was my DH’s first night class for his MBA and his prof did not come either, sent his student in but didn’t get too far either. What a waste!
    Hooray for loans and for shoes. It was a sign, you need to RUN! (is that a good reminder?)
    I think having a passport is always a good idea. That being said, I am only 2 hours from the border to the US (I am in Canada) and we like to pop over when we can, especially when our dollar is good!

  7. Love this list.

    carrot soup–yum. Passport–yes. Lovely skin–good and hopefully you will be blessed for givjng up the sweet sweet brown juice.

    That professor is a jerk… But hopefully he will grade like he teaches. Absently and carelessly.

  8. Tracy, sometimes random is good. Little bits of goodness and happiness help balance out the badness and frustrations of life.

    And someone needs to teach that prof how to send an email notification!

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