My Favorite Things at this Moment, Subject to My Whimsey

  • I adore Marc Jacob’s OH LOLA perfume. The girls in Sephora keep giving me samples. Love!
  • Steaming hot chai tea. I’ve given you the recipe before… now where is it?
  • MAC lipglass in the neutral quad. Oh my stars, Boy Bait is my new favorite.
  • Palm trees. Every January I miss California with an aching in my heart…
  • Sweet almond oil. Someone asked my secret to nice skin, and I got this tip from my friend Annie: after you cleanse at night, skip the expensive moisturizers and just gently massage some almond oil into your face. It works amazingly well.
  • Homemade hummus. So simple, so easy, and so very very good.
  • The color cobalt blue. So beautiful, and so elusive.
  • I wish there was a park with long swings close by. Or that I could swing on My Swing down in Morgan Hill.
  • And last but not least, and utterly out of my reach-  pretty pretty precious…

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Things at this Moment, Subject to My Whimsey

  1. I have a yard of 10 fully grown palm trees…one of the things I fell in love with with this house. But when it came time to pay for their pruning…ouch!
    It makes our house unique…only one with TALL palms in the yard.

    My skin is oh so dry…need to try sweet almond oil!
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. lots of good things on that list!

    I’mma give you a hint! Darling Daughter wanted a nice bottle of Prada perfume for christmas…at $120+ per, it wasn’t happening. Then I found a full sized bottle, never opened, on ebay for $30! score! The box had pretty gold embossed letters that read: TESTER… but the bottle sure didn’t! wahoo for a deal. Keep checking ebay and perhaps you can score a great deal and treat yourself, you deserve it!

  3. “after you cleanse at night”

    I’m sure you don’t mean sitting on the toilet, but that’s the only cleansing I do at night – and, now that I’m getting old, in the middle of the night, as well.

  4. That’s awesome that you discovered the secret of oil-as-moisturizer. I am a makeup artist, and whenever I answer my clients’ inquiries as to which moisturizer I use/prefer/recommend they almost always scrunch their noses at me when I answer saying that I use and make my own oil. It is best for nearly all skin types/conditions. My other “secret” – I (strive to) drink 8 glasses of water a day.

  5. And since you’re too busy (or too cool) for pinterest, here’s another happy thought for you:

    How could I NOT share that with you?

  6. Question: On the chai tea, you said to leave the black tea out (if your a Mo). Do you replace it with another tea such as Rooibos or just leave all tea out?

    Now where on earth can I find those fab whole spices in Idaho? Hmmmm, adventure…

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