Random Crap: Snow, Teeth and Halos, Raise Hell

I just thought I would drop off the face of the earth there for a few just for fun. How were things while I was gone? Criminy, that’s what the first week of school will do to a mama. Still trying to find my sea-legs with my new profs. It’s always bumpy navigating what each prof expects at the beginning of the quarter. At first I’d go for overkill, but I’m over that.

Speaking of, what the heck with a prof who doesn’t show for the first class, when class is only once a week, and then the following class is on a holiday? It’s 12 weeks of classes, and it will be week three before we actually see him in a class. I’m a little miffed.

Abby lost her first tooth! She then promptly lost her first lost tooth. Tears aplenty were had by all. Said tooth, tiny little thing it is, was miraculously recovered the next day on the floor near her bed. Tooth fairy shall be arriving shortly. With any luck. The boys don’t even try anymore. They just put their teeth on my dresser. Mom FAIL.

Looks like winter finally decided to show up. Snow is fun for about an hour, then I’m ready for spring.

Jeffrey went snow-shoeing yesterday for a field trip at school, and the poor boy was in tears this morning when he got up his legs hurt so bad. Next week they go cross-country skiing, and he’s already fretting- I sent him to school with a motrin and a pep-talk.  Fifth grade is hard.

<Sshhhhhh, be very very quiet…> Bean is doing well </quiet>

I watched my first and only presidential debate thus far this year- and aside from finding Newt Gingrich to be one of the vilest, foulest, most reprehensible excuses for a candidate I’ve ever seen, it was great.

So earlier last year, I lost a ton of hair. It’s good that I had a ton of hair to loose- because I really did drop probably half my hair. Thankfully it appears to have been just stress-related (because that’s FUN!) but now, my new hair is all growing in. Which means, much like a dog in the winter, I’m getting my undercoat. I have a constant halo of short 3-4″ hair all around my head in a constant stick-up and misbehave riot of unruliness. I’m still glad its coming back.

Speaking of- on my to-do list today, I actually wrote “Raise hell”.

Yesterday I accidentally ate some gluten, and while I was going to say rats gnawing on me would be preferable, I decided that was too gruesome, so I’m going to go with “I was very uncomfortable.” Better? See, I’m always thinking of others. Anyway. Gluten. Yeah, bad bad bad. Vomit, cry, handful of Benedryl, wait and see if a trip to the ER is necessary. Restaurants really need to be more careful about where they hide their %$#& flour.

Bubble baths are my new favorite way to get warm in the evening. It’s also easier to shave my legs without cutting myself to shreds if I do it in the tub. Just as an aside.

I am utterly addicted to Words with Friends. I know, I’m about a million minutes late to the party. And I really really suck at it! But its so fun! Reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom and aunts would play Scrabble and my mom would throw the board at someone. Only I’m miles too far for anyone to throw a board at me. It’s fantastic. What? Because I needed another time-suck? Shut up. <dandelionmama> Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone!

9 thoughts on “Random Crap: Snow, Teeth and Halos, Raise Hell

  1. I’m also just coming to the Word with Friends party and it is truly a HUGE time suck. But, its a great way to get connected with people- even when I’m down by 100 points or more. Suckers get so lucky at times.

  2. My husband is the creator of Words with friends and I am a fan of your blog. Thanks for playing and for blogging!

  3. Could Jeffrey play Tooth Fairy for Abby? I loved playing Santa for my mom after my dad left. My sister and I thought it was just too sad that she fill her own stocking after that. Anyway, he’d probably be less likely to forget. 🙂

  4. Erin Marie, that’s a great idea!! He’d probably love it. I’ll ask him.

    Katy, thanks! And cool on your husband- he done good. 😉

    Ashley, I have to meter myself out or it will take up my study time!

  5. After the tooth fairy forgot to visit three nights in a row my son planted his lost tooth on the counter and asked, “Can we just take care of this now?” I feel you on that one.

    Also, thanks for instilling hope in me that my hair will grow back in. I’ve had all my levels checked and I’m good but it’s sometimes come in in massive globs. No fun fishing that from the drain…yikes!

    PS….that first week stinks and is a total mind game for me. I’m always relieved once week 2 is underway even though the workload is tremendous. Best wishes for you and yours this final (for now) round!

  6. Missed you while you were gone…glad for the update to know your head is still (if only slightly) above water!
    Keep kicking those legs, stay afloat!
    Love you!

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