Finals week. Don’t mean to drop off a cliff, but I have about 25 pages to write in the next three days, an oral presentation, one written final, and Bean’s next IEP. Try me again on Thursday, when I will either be a heaping pile of relief, or crying bitterly into my Postum.

7 thoughts on “BusyBackSoon

  1. You can do it! You are a brave, strong woman and I’m pulling for you!! I have been reading your blog and am just in complete awe of you, Tracy. Best of luck this week with your finals and your beautiful little ones.

  2. I’m voting for heaping pile of relief – though there might be some tears in there before you’re through with the week. But that’s okay, because you always have your cry then pick yourself up and keep trying…

    Endure well enough for now.

  3. Oh, rest assured, there *will* be tears. But I’m catching up- I have two 8-page papers to write, and a book review. I got a lot done by planting the kids in front of Netflix and skipping ward conference this morning. Saint-FAIL, but school-WIN.

  4. Personally, Tracy, I am happy to be placed ‘on hold’ whilst you deal with the truly important matters of the days ahead. I am praying for your continued success and for blessings upon you and yours (especially Bean’s IEP!) as you continue on steadfast. I think you are a talented, amazing individual and you can do — and continually pull off — hard things.

  5. The IEP is the final straw!! Why do they always fall on the worst weeks? 🙂 you will be awesome!! Love to all your chickens.

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