This week is my spring break, and my kids’ parent/teacher conferences. This means all week they get out at 12:30. Half days. It’s also been raining for weeks on end now, and the extended forecast calls for not so much as a peep of sun in any foreseeable future. Not even a ‘party-cloudy’ or ‘chance of showers’ day— nope. Just solid, gloomy, heavy rain. My garage is flooded and leaking in more than a dozen places and I’ve lost boxes and boxes of things. I can’t bear to think about it, and it’s far too sodden and dangerous to go through it all until it dries out. There was so much I was going to get accomplished this week, and instead, all I’ve done is play catch-up. And I’m not even caught up- just cold. I start back to school on Monday, and my kids are off for spring break. Still don’t know what to do about that. My heart is full of butterflies caught in tightly stretched rubber bands. I want to run, but its too cold and wet. So here I sit, strumming on my heart strings. Limbo. Disquiet. Cold. Listening to the wind howl outside and the giant raindrops pebble the glass, I wonder if the giant Maple in the yard might snap and give me new problems. March evidently didn’t get the memo about going out like a lamb.

I did notice a hyacinth up int he yard though. So there’s that…

One thought on “Disquiet

  1. “My heart is full of butterflies caught in tightly stretched rubber bands.”

    Ah, Tracy, I get these feelings of disquiet and butterflies in tight rubber bands. I’m feeling it, too, though we don’t have the downpour or the flooded garage. Do you think maybe part of the angst we’re feeling is because we’re also packing? I hate that part of a move!

    My wish for you is to find “sun” despite the clouds, a dry space to unwind, and the courage to face your ruined treasures from your garage when the time comes…

    Love you, my friend!

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