2 thoughts on “At BCC Today

  1. Man. I missed Saturday’s sessions I really need to go and read them or watch online. I don’t remember who it was that spoke or even the overlying message that was given Sunday…but I remember thinking of you and wondering if you were watching as the Elder speaking mentioned how trying and difficult it can be for a parent to raise a child with learning/mental/physical disabilities and I’m totally paraphrasing here, so please forgive me but the message I took from what was said is how fortunate can we count ourselves to be so blessed to get to raise one of HIS special spirits. And that is when I thought of you and Bean and how special you must be to get to raise him. Trying as im pretty sure it can be…YOU must be something special in the eyes of the Lord with all the trials you’ve had and I for one applaud your efforts. and even though I don’t know you in physical form…I pray for you daily!

  2. Loved, loved, loved your thoughts…pure scottish grit! And I loved the idea of him being in a kilt…just imagine!
    Hope your legs are strong this quarter as you embark in swimming upstream again!
    Lots of prayers and love!

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