Week One Down

Checking in from my life of leisure. It appears I made it through the first week- but I’m still shell-shocked. Eleven weeks to go. I got absolutely ZERO pages written on my capstone- which means I now have to produce 3-4 pages a day for the rest of the month. Easy, right?! Two of my classes should be relatively simple, two of them are killers. I guess I should be grateful. Had my first algebra tutoring session yesterday- two hours of brain-bending madness, but I can do it. I forgot it’s Easter until late last night, then fell asleep instead of running to Voldemart like I intended. I think there’s an Easter egg hunt today, and my math tutor is coming over again. Tomorrow is church, and Monday it all starts again. BUT THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL!!! Oh, and I woke up to yellow sunlight for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks. This part of Washington? Not gonna miss it. Bite me, incessant dreary rain!

3 thoughts on “Week One Down

  1. Comment to your earlier post about DC: don’t discount living farther out. I live about 40 miles south of DC and until recently worked a few blocks from GW. It’s a train ride, slug ride (free ride in a car) or bus ride and housing is about a third to half less than what you’d pay closer in. You could shoot for a townhouse, which would give you a small yard and would mean the kids wouldn’t be playing over someone’s heads when they’re indoors (figure 3 br, 2 ba 1800 sq. ft. for $1300). We’re all about the commute in the farther-out counties–you don’t need to live near a metro. Yes, you spend more time commuting, but you don’t necessarily have to work in DC either–plenty of employment in No. Virginia–and there’s also the quiet time to study while on the bus/train. Then on the nights you have class, you can park at the metro in No. Va. and take the train to GW–you don’t want to try to park there anyway–expensive and scarce. My small community has an LDS church also, no “bad” area and good schools. As for needing a realtor, no you don’t–but why not use one? They’re free to you (the landlord pays the fee), know the area, can make great suggestions and are legit. No way I’d rent from Craig’s List which can be great–or not. You may want to tap GW’s career svcs. for job help, or look at the college or GWU Hospital–they’re always looking for people. Their pay sucks, but the benefits are great, including several free classes a year.

    • Glenna thanks- that rent and square footage is waaaay more in the ballpark of what I need and can afford. If you know of anything, feel free to email me- I’d be most appreciative. Thanks.

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