From the Mouth of Bean

One never knows what will come next from the mouth of Bean. From the last few days alone, here’s a sampling:

“MOM! Meteorologists call big clumps of air “masses” or “fronts” and today the warm front is winning. I’m going to go outside until the cold front moves in when the sun sets!”

“MOM! Its nice the people at Target leave crawling holes in the stacks of paper towels. They must have autistic kids who like to hide, too!”

“MOM! Did you know the sun rises in the east EVERY SINGLE DAY!!?”

“MOM! Abby actually thinks there is a fairy who comes and takes her teeth.Can you believe that?  I told her that was illogical and she’s dumb.”

“MOM! Sometimes I like to use my imagination, but Abby doesn’t do it right.”

“MOM! Look! I made a bracelet out of explosive caps from my cap-gun. I’m wearing it to church in in case I hate the songs in Primary.”

“MOM! I think I’ll eat toast now instead of English muffins. See, I do like new food!”

“MOM! I need a new hammock so I can watch the sunset properly.”

“MOM! Did you know that cuttlefish are by far the smartest invertebrates? Octopus like to think they are, but they’re wrong. It’s cuttlefish.”

“MOM! When we move to Virginia, I’m going to ride the metro to the Air and Space museum all by myself. I googled the map already.”

“MOM! My swim teacher won’t let me do a belly flop into the pool, but it’s the only way I can get my body to do what I want it to do. I just can’t swim unless I do a belly flop.”

Sometimes I feel like Calvin’s mom. 

7 thoughts on “From the Mouth of Bean

  1. Ha! My boy with asperger’s is reading Calvin and Hobbes beside me as I read your blog today. Cute comments from your boy.

  2. “MOM! Look! I made a bracelet out of explosive caps from my cap-gun. I’m wearing it to church in in case I hate the songs in Primary.”

    I laughed right out loud at that one. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, Tracy!

    • HA! That was my favorite, too! laughed out loud. He could market those things and my boys would be his first customers. 😀

      • I burst out laughing reading that – especially since I am in the Primary presidency in my ward and it just seems so …. fitting! I love the things kids say but I must say that Bean’s mine is so precious and wonderful. I am so glad you are recording some of these awesome things to look back on one day!

  3. If you’re having trouble finding a place via craigslist, have you tried the relief society presidents in the area? When we were moving blind to a new place across the country, I fell in with a wonderful RS presidency who would scout places, take photos, send me notes, and give me advice on where to live. It was so helpful and helped me have a few friends my first day there.


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