Random Crap: Ramping Up

So the kindergarten campout was an unqualified success. Other than coming home with a slight croupy cough, Abby had a blast, and I have a dozen new pinecone, rock and finger-pained pieces of art for my fridge. And a very pleased girl.

My HT took the kids fishing on Saturday, and my ex even opted to tag along. It’s been a long slow slog, but he’s been a more viable part of the kids’ lives lately, and I’m happy for them all. I also recently read that it can take up to two years for the long-term effects of severe drug abuse to run its course, and we’re just past that mark. I’d like to read more about it sometime when I’m not reading textbooks.

Today’s nail polish color: Opi ‘California Mango’. Tomorrow? Essie ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’. Frivolous, yes. But it makes me happy.

Cover story in the NYT on Mormonism on Sunday. Then another in USA Today Monday. Both were done quiet well, I thought. Stephen Prothero’s in USAT was particularly fair. I know the scrutiny is going to get more intense as the election nears, but I can’t help but think this is a good thing for us- sunshine, even if it hurts the eyes at first, allows everyone to see better.

I’ve really been feeling the urge to cook lately, but I lack both the time and the kitchen utensils- half my kitchen is packed now! Gulp… it’s really happening. You’d think the graduation gown hanging in my room would remind me of that, but it’s really the growing pile of cardboard boxes that raises the lump in my throat.

As this event zooms up on me even quicker, I’m starting to feel quite emotional about this move. It’s true I never chose to live here, but ten years is a substantial investment in community. I have a tremendous pool of incredible friends, two of my three children were born here, and I walked through hell and came out the other side here. I know it’s time to move, but I’m watching it with a mix of excitement and muted honoring of what came before. I believe the word might be ‘melancholy”.

With Mo’s visit last weekend, we are now lighter Fakey Fakerson, the mahogany desk at which most of the first five years of Dandelion was written, my apple-green antique desk chair, and three bicycles. Good thing our kids match up in age and gender.

I had prints made of the portrait of the kids and I, and when I went to pick them up, Costco had printed them vertically instead of horizontally. Bean and I were only half in the frame. Who does that? Who doesn’t notice that’s probably not kosher?

Courtesy of my HT, I took the boys to see The Avengers the other night- it’s rare we get to the movies, and even more rare when I only have two of my three kids. I didn’t tell them where we were going, and the poor kids are so deprived, even when we were standing in line, Bean still wasn’t sure where we were. I had to direct him to the movie poster before he got it. They were thrilled. It’s really a great adaptation. Joss… well done.

So I signed a lease on a place in Virginia. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

It looks like I’ve found a family to take over Little House from us. No, that’s not my responsibility, but my landlord is also my friend and stake member, and he said if I knew anyone, he’d be grateful. There is another single mom in the stake who would love to be in this ward, and she came by a few days ago and we’re quite enthusiastically campaigning for her. She’s also got a son on the spectrum, and the fenced yard and Bean’s climbing ropes would be put to good use. And my landlord wouldn’t have to do a darn thing. Win for everyone.

Have another midterm this Friday, then… only three more weeks of school. Holy. Crap.

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  1. I COMPLETELY get that melancholy, mixed emotions roller coaster! Been there, done that, survived, doing it again…

    Yikes. We load the truck on Friday… My house does not look quite ready yet. Which means break time is over, and I need to get back to work on the packing…

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