Liveblogging The Move Part II

Introducing my new china! I did two loads of dishes last night, and I’m packing the mismatched set of breakables today as soon as the kids are off to school. Speaking of school… finals are coming up. Gulp.

This has been our kitchen table here at Little House since we moved in and it was painfully clear the giant farmhouse beast of a table from the House of Broken Dreams would not fit. I picked it up on Craigslist, it has served faithfully and well, and has seen more hours of homework that I care to log. It’s yard sale bound. We shall be picnicking with our new fine china. On the floor.

Somewhere under there is Jeffrey. Bean and Abby are already up (it’s not even 7 am yet) and at the neighbor’s house playing with and feeding their cats. They’ve taken their task of caring for them while the neighbor’s are away VERY seriously. Bean thinks if the cats are not fed by sun-up, they’ll die, like strange anti-vampire felines. Whatevs- gets him up and dressed and happy. I may ask them to let him keep feeding them until we move.

The odd assortment of crap that has accumulated on my dresser as I pack my room. I really hope there’s nothing embarrassing there. Doesn’t every mother have ear-care solution, superglue, oak-gall ink, a jar of teeth, a philips-head screwdriver and an old butter crock full of rocks on her dresser? Yes, I always keep my screwdrivers in a Sephora bag. Don’t you? All is well in Zion.

3 thoughts on “Liveblogging The Move Part II

  1. Ahh, your fine china looks like our fine china when in moving mode.
    And no dishes is heaven for the time being, and when you get settled again, you are ready for real plates, real food and to be out of moving mode.
    Hang in there!

  2. reading about your move makes me so glad it is you and not me. We moved from Calif. to VA and back to CA twice in 4 years. (Temporary duty assignments) then from CA to WA 5 years ago. I’m done moving. I wish you the best, you’ll get there, but it is a job.

  3. I’ve been a lurker for some time but wanted to wish you the best. I will tune in to see the details of your journey. You can do it!

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