LTM: Cardboard Part III

Everywhere I look, I’m drowning in corrugation. Not to be confused with correlation. Or Causation…

This is the box of sewing notions and bits I’ve sorted for the yard sale- and bear in mind this is just the first wave. I admit I had a habit..

The photo below is my Happy Place for the day. As a packed up my loved books, I realized I had an entire box of books written by people who are my friends. The books cross genres, subjects and interest barriers, from romance to Oxford Press offerings. It makes me feel more like a grown up than anything else has. Ever.

2 thoughts on “LTM: Cardboard Part III

  1. Ahh, boxes.
    They are your new best friend, and your new worst enemy…and you will be glad to finally unpack the final one (the one that probably isn’t even packed yet).
    Keep moving forward…

  2. I involuntarily shuddered when I saw the picture of the boxes waiting to be taped together and filled. I am finally on the unpacking side of this ordeal… Corrugation – our best friend and worst enemy, as Kellie said!

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