Liveblogging the {PANIC!} Move: Part IV

Today was a bust. I’m trying so hard not to panic, but the icy fingers of things spinning out of control are tickling the edges of my heart. Everything— absolutely everything— is happening at once.

For my school: Finals, tests, labs, makeups, computer problems, lost assignments, unexpected bills from the school, deadlines, graduation. Graduating and taking college finals for four classes is a fulltime job.

My kids: All have their end of schools stuff, ceremonies, presentations, parties, playdates, field trips, overnight campouts, culmination projects, awareness that they only have two weeks with their favorite friends. Times three. Three kids as a solo parent is a fulltime job.

The House: Trying to pack and pack and pack. Sorting is a must, because I don’t want to pack junk or outgrown clothes or stuff I don’t want. There is trash and junk and the disaster that is the garage still to be dealt with. The Yard Sale is Saturday. I’m so not ready, but put the ad on Craigslist anyway. I hate having a garage sale, but I need the money for the move. Badly. Packing a house is a fulltime job.

Notice anything? Can you feel the panic? Does it feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest too? How the hell am I going to pull all this off? I have TWO WEEKS to do this. I have two weeks to pack this whole house, take four finals, straighten out financial aid with the college, finish coordinating this move, have a garage sale, and sort the garage.


Thursday I take my last final. Friday my kids finish school. All three get out at noon. Family and loved ones arrive Friday afternoon. Saturday at 9 am I graduate. Sunday morning, my kids leave for California to spend time with my family while I move us. Monday I pick up the truck. Tuesday, we’re outa here. BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Tell me I can do this… Please.

(while typing I remember that I have to make it to the district offices to request in writing Bean’s IEP and SpEd records so I can hand carry them to the new schools, the kids all have to go to the dentist, I need a haircut, I have two camping-trips’ worth of laundry to do before I sell the washer and dryer and I have to find a home for the bird.) Anyone need a frontloading Maytag washer and dryer set?

*help* eep….

8 thoughts on “Liveblogging the {PANIC!} Move: Part IV

  1. What must be done by you, and what an be handed off to a friend? And is there/are there friends who could take over a lot of the kid event/transport?

  2. Time to call in reinforcements! Forward your post to your RS presidency & VTs & HTs. So many people want to serve and hear about situations after the fact when nothing can be done. If they personally can’t help, they can arrange for others to do so. A few examples–taking kids to the dentist, getting kids to and from playdates, helping with the garage clean-out, packing, etc.

    Please take a few minutes to relish all you have accomplished with this graduation while in the midst of chaos central. You’re a pretty amazing lady!

  3. Oh my goodness friend…you can do this! It feels impossible, but you will be amazed at what you can do, what you will accomplish.
    Call for help, accept the help…and take things on one at a time and don’t forget to cherish the moments that arrive over these next few weeks.
    Love you!
    Many prayers…

  4. Alright – if you don’t call your RS press then I may have to…… have you already asked for help and not mentioned it here? EVERYBODY needs help when they’re packing/moving, and that’s just ONE of your full+ time jobs right now. Plus it’ll give all those people who love you like mad and are going to miss your guts a last chance to show you so.

  5. I have been swallowed whole by this panic and been spit back out. If I can survive, so can you! Take a deep breath, take things one at a time, ask for and accept help, and continue to tell yourself you are amazing and can do hard things. It’s easier to breathe on the other side… and you will be in VA soon enough and look back and realize, “Holy crap! I lived through all that!” 🙂

  6. No dentist. No haircut. Come on, this is survivial here. School will be great. Graduation will feel amazing for a moment. You are doing this!

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