Liveblogging the Move: Peonies and Satisfaction

Yesterday I was dangerously close to the edge. Friends keep asking what they can do to help, and I’m so overwhelmed most of the time that I just stand and stare, like a deer in the middle of the night watching the oncoming mesmerizing lights that are about to knock it to kingdom-come. Then, two things happened. First, Abby picked these flowers in the yard and arranged them herself. Second, two friends showed up, and instead of asking me what to do, they just rolled up their sleeves and told me to get out of the road. After a few hours, this was the result:

Yes, that is my downstairs family room, once home to the amazing blue leather sectional Bean dissected long ago. It’s now empty. Not just empty, but spectacularly, beautifully empty. The results are thus:

One small corner (in the also cleaned out and nearly empty guest room) of things coming with me to DC, and…

One large pile of things for the yard sale. Which, by the way, my friends unilaterally moved to next weekend and told me to just quit stressing.

My craft room has been also thusly dispatched. An entire room of fabric, supplies, paper, and goodies has been distilled to four boxes. Exhibit A, containing only my favorite things:

And Exhibit B, the rest of the fabric that’s going out in bins for the yard sale. I’m thinking of letting people fill a bag and charging a flat rate…

8 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Move: Peonies and Satisfaction

  1. Good news that. I was beginning to price airfare to get my behind into your house to be helpful. You think I kid?

  2. Oh Em… I sure do love you. You’ll always be a welcome face at my door. At this point, let’s have it be in DC where we can have some fun. ❤

  3. Thank goodness for tender mercies…beautiful flowers from your beautiful girl, and good friends who just pick up and work! Sometimes that is what is needed, instead of asking, to just go and do.
    Oh, how I wish I was closer to dig through your fabric to take to Bulgaria with me. Not sure what awaits me there, so I am trying to stock up here!
    Continue one day at a time…
    Love and prayers!

  4. My eyes glazed over at that pic of your yard sale fabric. Notwithstanding that I can’t get all the fabric I currently have properly stored, and I’m currently slouching toward my own yard sale.

    I think your kids are wonderful.

  5. Too bad I can’t take some of that fabric off your hands. I do love me some pretty fabric! Not that I’ve had any time to sew lately.

    Hooray for friends that jump right in instead of saying “call me if you need anything”. 🙂

  6. Hooray for fantastic friends! Hooray for being able to let go and allow them to get you out of the road! Hooray for empty, clean rooms! Hooray for wonderful kids who know how to brighten your day and lighten your load! Hooray for satisfaction!

    [And on a personal note: Hooray for being on the arrival side of my own move so I have time, post-panic mode, to catch up on your blog! Love you and pray for you, my friend. You can make it through these last few weeks. Congrats on graduating!!]

  7. I’m loving all the piles of fabric…….so sad you can’t take it with you…..could you box it up and have someone store it for you and mail it you when you’re settled in or would that be to pricey?? Just a thought! So what day\time and where will this yard sale be?

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