Liveblogging the Move: Emptying

Last night, I just about lost it. I have a final paper due today, and another final test tomorrow, and last night I had a lot of people here helping, fixing drywall, packing the kitchen, three kids wanting dinner, folks stopping by to see if I needed anything- and all I needed was to get my kids in bed and some quiet so I could write the damn paper. Then, the doorbell rang again, and it got stuck. It kept ringing. And ringing. At my wit’s end, I stomped out on the porch and in an effort to dislodge the button, the whole thing came off the house.

Tears of frustration. I finally go the kids fed and in bed at 9:30, which if you know me shows how out of control the night was. My kids are always always always in bed between 8 and 8:30. Come hell or high water.

We’re getting an echo now. The garage is stuffed, the forecast for Saturday is 57 degrees and rain all day. I might be having a yard sale on a Tuesday. It has to happen, no matter what… could just something… anything… be easy? My heart and nerves are ragged and raw.

Tiny little patch of sunlight this morning. I’m holding onto it. Off to turn in my final undergraduate paper. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Move: Emptying

  1. Emptying your house, emptying your heart. I understand the pangs and frustrations! Glad there was a patch of sunlight to hold onto.

    Unless your garage sale income is your moving gas/apartment deposit money, is there a way for a friend (or friends) to hold onto your sale items and have the garage sale in pleasant weather and just send you the money?? It would help lessen your stress, since you can’t control the weather.

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