Liveblogging the Move: Onward

Well. Remember how I said to go ahead and knock me down, because I was already low? I shoulda shut my mouth. You’d think I’d have learned by now. My moving sale got rained out for the second Saturday in a row… and this coming Saturday is graduation day. Then, there was a family emergency, and no one from my family in California is going to be able to make it up for the graduation.

Two things came of this though— First, I had several good long cries. Then, I looked around and realized I’m very loved and cared for, despite circumstances being what they are. The folks in my ward are going to hold the garage sale on my behalf this coming (sunny-forecast) Saturday, while I’m off graduating. Bean’s amazing primary teacher is going to bring my children to the graduation so they can see me walk and get my degree, and that’s really all it distills down to. That’s all that matters.

Onward. There is no other option. Onward.

7 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Move: Onward

  1. It’s tough being beaten in the trenches. But looking up and seeing you’re surrounded by those fighting for you… that’s when the sun shines through.

    I believe you will have a force of hidden angels at your graduation – all of your faithful readers who support and love you, who wish they could be there in person, will be thinking of you and your huge accomplishment on Saturday!

    Press on, my friend. The things that matter most will happen, and the rest will fall into place (wherever and however and whenever that “place” might be).

    “Onward. There is no other option. Onward.”

  2. But… “this coming Saturday is graduation day. ” and “Bean’s amazing primary teacher is going to bring my children to the graduation so they can see me walk and get my degree…” This is AWESOME. Sorry about the other stuff that sucks, but you have much awesomeness to be proud of. Congratulations – we are pulling for you! Don’t forget to take a moment as you walk across that stage to savor the accomplishment. 🙂

  3. You inspire me to move forward and somehow get unstuck. Onward indeed.

    Congratulations on graduating!

  4. Congratulations! Good for you! You did it! Good Job! Well Done! ….all well deserved…now onward and upward!

  5. Make sure to enjoy your graduation day! It will all be worth it when you hear your kids yelling when your name is called. It’s an amazing feeling.

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