Liveblogging the Move: Yard Sale, 3pm

Aaawwwww yeahhhhh… bet you wish you had a sofa and a bed on your front lawn. We’re making the neighbors proud…

I keep walking out thinking nothing much has changed… then I compare to earlier pics from this morning. And yeah, we’ve sold a ton of crap- I mean, Good stuff!

There has been a crew of friends here all day- it kind of blows my mind actually. Friends and neighbors did all this for me. And while that was happening outside, inside my friend Sandy was opening up a can of whoopass on the boys’ and Abby’s rooms. Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

How am I ever going to survive in Virginia without these amazing people in my life? I’m starting to get very very teary when I think about what I’m leaving behind.

Right now the kids are all playing at my friend Jill’s house, and we’re selling “Fill a Bag for $5” specials. They’ve all already organized the rest of the afternoon and tomorrow, and there will be a crew here in the morning when I head off to Eastern to walk. My cap and gown are right here, hanging from my door. Onward…

3 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Move: Yard Sale, 3pm

  1. Awesome friends! I bet you find some just as cool back East. Good Luck tomorrow!! Relax and enjoy yourself, You deserve it!!

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