LiveBlogging the Move: Chaos

First of all, there is SO flipping much to tell. This has been an adventure of crazy high order, including missing days lost to the St Louis Triangle (you thought Bermuda had the monopoly on triangles? nope.), the normal lost hardware for bed assembly, missing drivers, dead cellphones causing unmitigated panic, moving parties turning into “Oh well, no truck, let’s go to Cafe Rio” parties, strangers showing up to save the day, pulling Elders out of Sacrament meeting to move a piano, and an overheard comment “Educated Mormons are the worst. Not only do they always have a piano, but they have boxes and boxes of books, too.” Awww yeah.

I promise a more fleshed out story later with all the details and amazing people who have kept me from chewing off my foot in stress over the last four days. But for now, I have boxes and boxes and boxes to go through, and I have to jump a flight to go pick my kids up.

Where my camera is, I have no idea, so this morning, I walked around the house snapping pics with my mac. It’s a little dark, but better than nothing.

This is the kids’ room. Yes, all three will be in one room, but they’re excited about it. This room was teal green. DARK teal green. It’s now a color call pewter, but I told Bean it’s called “Robot” and he’s all excited. Score one for Mama. All three kids in here allows the bedroom to be for sleeping, and the other room to be where toys, games and Lego chaos happens. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

When I got here, this room was aqua. Not blue… AQUA, like 1966 Pooltime Barbie AQUA. It’s now a nice somber Taupe. Take that cheery bright color. I bring gloom from the Pacific Northwest to your Virginia humidity!

Here’s the kitchen. All you need to notice is the bacon on the counter. I may now know where the camera is, but I found my cast iron skillet. The kitchen was also sky blue. Please ignore the blue counter tops. I plan on it. With all my might.

The bathrooms are still bright bruised purple. My camera started to cry when I tried to take a picture, so you’re gonna have to take my word for it.

My bedroom was also that same shade of grape, but is now Montpelier Grey. And as you can see, while the rest of the house might be in abject chaos, I have my priorities in order: the make-up table is unpacked and looking lovely. Priorities, my lovelies, priorities.


7 thoughts on “LiveBlogging the Move: Chaos

  1. “Educated Mormons are the worst. Not only do they always have a piano, but they have boxes and boxes of books, too.” Bwahaha! Truer words were never spoken!

  2. The educated Mormons quote will forever be a favorite. You are doing a fabulous job of turning that rainbow colored apartment into an appropriate home.

  3. Yep, the “Educated Mormons are the worst” comment is super awesome! I’m happy to see the make-up table is as it should be. I’m so happy you made it and all in one piece even!

  4. I told you that survival was possible… not pretty, but possible!

    I like the idea of a sleep room and a play room. I’m sure the Legos (and the kids) will appreciate it. Don’t you wonder sometimes what people were thinking when they painted walls some outrageous color?!

    So glad you’re there and starting to get settled. Welcome to your new life!

  5. I like the educated Mormon comment too, even after moving this weekend when I questioned the heft of books and food storage. I wonder if education and food storage are like handcarts, they get us somewhere while building strength.

    Today a bunch of women showed up to clean my empty house. It was astounding. They saved me from the type of overwhelming feeling that sends me into a dark hole. Our community is good good.

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