LBM: Fits and Delays

Not happy. I’m still in California. At this moment, the kids and I are supposed to be on a flight out of Denver headed home. We did everything we were supposed to do- including getting to the airport at 5 am this morning (yes, I hauled all three kids up, packed and got ready that early, and even checked the United website before we left- all systems go). When we got to the airport, it was a madhouse, lines out the door, and our flight was, at that time (20 minutes after I checked at home), delayed over five hours.

That meant we’d miss our connection in Denver. When I asked the attendant what to do, she said “Call reservations and see if you can find another flight. Sorry.” Really? 5am on a Sunday and it’s that screwed up already?? Keeping in mind I have three kids with me, and one doesn’t travel well. At all…

United is willing to get me from the Bay Area to Denver, or to Houston. But they cannot find me a single flight today with four seats on it that will get me to Dulles. Not one. Overbooking much, United? I fly a fair amount- and you know what? I know this happens on all carriers, but for me, it happens every time I fly United.

Not happy.

Tried, dragging three kids, and NOT HAPPY. Thankfully, I got my step-dad on the phone before he’d returned home from dropping us off, and he looped back around and came in while I was on hold with Reservations for a long time. They got us on a flight tomorrow with four seats, and I packed the kids back into the car. No offer of voucher, credit or hotel. Just “Oops, sorry.” Not happy.

I happen to have friends and family in the area that makes this not-catastrophic, but what about the folks that don’t? What a nightmare. What I do have a special-needs child who has been counting the hours until he gets to see his new room and two more kids who have been in limbo for two weeks now. They know their home in Washington state doesn’t exist anymore, and they have yet to see their new home in Virginia.

Railing and kicking does nothing, I know that. I’m just so damn tired and ready to be home, too. I know it will all be okay, and maybe there is even a reason this happened that is simply not yet visible. But that’s a leap of faith I might just be too tired to make today. Maybe tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “LBM: Fits and Delays

  1. The last time United did that to me, I was forced to sleep in an airport at 6 mos. pregnant with three children and one tired hubby. It was their fault with delayed flights and they didn’t offer hotel, vouchers, or even blankets. The United personnel just gave us excuses and left the airport. A few ‘resourceful’ young men broke into the supply closet and passed out blankets and pillows. The next morning, the closest United could get us to our destination was 2 hours away by car….unless we were willing to wait three days. United lost our business from that day on.

    Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s travel is uneventful. hugs.

  2. Tracy, this might be a blessing in disguise as many place in Virginia still have no electricity, very bad storms back here in the East. By the time you arrive at Dulles tomorrow the electric could be back on. Some places in my town (Wheeling, Wv) will not have any electric until Friday and it has been out since last Friday evening.

  3. Dottie has a good point. VA’s weather has been nuts. You might come home to no electricity, which means no a/c with temps in the triple digits. That thought alone might make you feel better to stay another day in beautiful Northern California fog! I AM really sorry though. Traveling with kids is hard. Traveling alone with kids is a bitch.

  4. Ahh, as you know I understand this well…only we were not flying United.
    When you arrive, hoping your place has electricty (it is hot and sticky here!). If not, give me a call, we are a go with electricity and A/C…
    Love you, hang in there!

  5. I’m thinking that the weather/lack of electricity on the East Coast makes this a blessing not-so-much-in-disguise any longer!!

    Also, I would personally never fly United again. This has happened more than once?! Does Southwest fly from CA to VA? We’ve had great experiences with them.

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