More Observations

  • Pictures are coming, I swear- I just can’t find my camera. Still unpacking and digging out. Anyone in the NoVA area want moving boxes and packing paper?
  • Folks here just don’t hurry. Not over anything. And they look at me like I’m a Crazy Person when I’m not willing to mosey wherever it is I’m going. Odd.
  • Had a great dinner with The Wiz from Mormon Mommy Wars the other night. She was in the area with her daughter for a few days, and we hit Cafe Rio, then came and hung out amid the chaos and boxes at my place. It was lovely.
  • I’m heading to the DMV today. *gulp*
  • Still cannot get used to rain when it’s so mother-of-hell hot. Folks are telling me this is not usual, and I picked the worst week ever to move. Of course I did. Because if there’s a harder way to do something, I shall find it!
  • We finally got the Wii hooked up and the children love me again. 
  • Still no fireflies. Maybe it’s too hot for them?
  • Been invited to two barbecues already and a pool party. Folks are nice.
  • First Sunday in our new ward yesterday. Experienced having our records read-in for the first time, and the kids stood with me. They were even reasonably good. Bean lasted most of the way through Primary, and the boys have been invited to Scout camp this coming week. Playing that one by ear.
  • Just as soon as I get this place knocked into shape, I’m going to post before and after pics, so you can marvel at the horrendous previous paint.
  • I scored the best deal at my local thrift store!! None of my couches fit in the Tardis Moving Truck, so we had nowhere to sit. I walked into the tiny place right around the corner, after hitting every furniture place I could find (um… NO, I can’t pay $1k for a set of couches!) and I found a perfect, tan cheneille sofa and loveseat, and a side chair. All for under $200. Exactly what I needed, and I ran to Lowes and picked up their $19 truck and Jeffrey and I moved the beasts. We now not only have somewhere to sit, but they’re comfortable too! I set my standards high, what can I say?

3 thoughts on “More Observations

  1. Learn to mosey. 🙂

    I’m happy that you were able to see The Wiz.

    The Wii = familiarity and normalcy. I don’t have to imagine your kids delight, because I witnessed my own kids’ delight just a few weeks ago!

    And I’m a little jealous (though pleased for you) about your invitations and couches – we’re still waiting on those after our move…

  2. Glad to head that you are settling in :-). Virginia is stinking hot but you can become accustomed to anything. You’ll do great!

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