Before and After: New Townhouse!

So I’ve got one of those long skinny townhouses so popular in the DC area. The good news is, we’re on the end, so we have a few extra windows instead of just the ones in the front. Yay for us! I’m still unpacking, but it’s becoming home-ish.

Living room, before:

Living room, after. Sofas are from the thrift store! And I finally have a place for my big farm table again- albeit tight. Happy dance!

Looking towards the kitchen, before:

Living room, looking toward kitchen, after: (Bean is eating— wait for it— peanut butter toast!)

(Can you believe those are thrift store couches?! Me either!!)Hideous sky-blue kitchen, before:

Ahhhhhh…. much better! I can almost ignore the blue counters now!

The aqua-room, before:

The Aqua Room, now. Very pleased with this photo array, btw:

Loft at the top of the stairs, which will become the play room— they really liked that sky blue paint…

The play loft now, peopled by Jeffrey and Abby, noses in their screens

My room— spectacular shade of pale lavender with pink curtains, before:

My room now— Montpelier Grey, with cream curtains brought from Little House.

It’s good what a little paint and some sweat will do. Still have a few boxes to unpack, but we’re just about ready to call it home.

20 thoughts on “Before and After: New Townhouse!

  1. Very impressive how quickly you were able to transform that space into a very comfy and appealing home for your little family. Well done!

  2. This is SO nice and looks very homey and inviting! And can I just mention that your posts seem much more relaxed and at peace….I hope and pray this transition will be your turning point to bigger and better MOST wonderful blessings!

  3. The artist in you has come through beautifully!
    I love the colors you picked out, and how you made a typical townhome feel like home to your family!
    Very nice, continue to be proud!

  4. gorgeous, just gorgeous. I saw a boy today at the park who from a distance looked like Jeffrey. So happy for you to be where you are. . . but, ya, we’re missing you here. By the way, she’s not officially “walking” yet, but Heather took a tiny step today. 🙂

  5. Your creativity is spectacular! Love the touches that make it YOUR family’s – especially that photo array over the fireplace. And the couches are quite lovely; one would never guess they were thrift store.

    Welcome home.

  6. Thanks everyone! When I look at the pictures now, it seems I brought my little grey pacific northwest raincloud with me and toned down all the brights into drabs. It’s really not all so dull- I find it peaceful and calming, and I need me some of that. I might toss some bright pillows on the sofas and some artwork on the wall over the table where the lone star is now.

    Kind of wish I had the chicken girl from the Big House. Anyone remember that painting? 😉

  7. That place has good bones 🙂 I love the wood floor downstairs and the little railing in the entryway (I’m thinking Christmas decorating). Also, that fireplace is awesome. It looks great. I so wish I could paint my house here. The right color makes a huge difference.

  8. Now there is a web business I bet would take off for you – everyone sends you pictures of their rooms and furniture and you send email back scanned drawings on how to redecorate using what we already have + new paint colors for the walls. Love your decorating style. I missed out on that talent completely.

  9. Really beautiful work, Tracy. And those couches! What a tender mercy.

    I’m still chortling inside at the previous paint colors. Love what you have done to make it your own.

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