All of my life I’ve had crazy curly hair. Never has there been a heroine or even a celebrity who I could really look to and think “that’s me”… Then I went to see Brave with the kids. Now, I’m not claiming to be a fiery redheaded princess with wicked archery skills. But I have popped out a couple of redheaded kids, and I DO have hair just like hers.

What they got SO RIGHT, what mesmerized me, was the texture and differentiation in the curl. It’s always perplexed me when I see other women with curly hair, and they have uniform curls. Mine are a crazy hot mess- some of them, especially underneath and around the crown are wicked tight curls. Then there are layers of looser, softer curls. Mixed in are the in-betweeners, and the texture and direction of the curl can change half way down the length. I’ve fought this mess all my life, thinking I was the only one in the world with what amounts to basically three heads of different textured hair on my head.

Turns out I just need to go to Scotland. Go figure.

So I’m grateful today, for a heroine that embodies, at least in a small part, a part of myself I’ve battled with all of my life. Perhaps, with Jeffrey embracing the bagpipes, and my kids’ own fiery red hair, and my own surname, I can finally lay down my battle ax and have some peace with who I am. Or at least with my hair. Thanks, Pixar. Once again, well done. Oh. And the story was good too.

7 thoughts on “Brave

  1. I’ve been mesmerized by all the work that I know went into her fantastic hair from the first preview I saw. It’s incredibly detailed, incredibly executed, and incredibly beautiful. I’m hoping to take Peanut on a date to see it.

  2. It’s pretty scary, HSF. Abby spent a good part of the film in my lap. And yeah, the animation of that hair is a masterwork. They developed its own program that took literally years to make it work. It’s called “TAZ” Google it, it’s totally fascinating!

  3. Yup, that hair was a character in its own right. I have hair similar to yours (and hers) and my daughters do, too. My youngest has corkscrew ringlets, my oldest, very nice waves. Mine is curly but not as tight as my youngest’s. I love it! I think your hair is great as well! My stylist once blew out my hair for fun and I had an identity crisis. My daughter said, “Take off that wig!”

  4. Imagine how hard this must be to animate! I’ve never animated anything, so I really don’t know, but I’ve heard that Pixar hires engineers to improve their animation (the way light falls on things is the same math as heat transfer by radiation).

    I like your hair: similar to mine, but longer (I’m in the process of growing mine again since I got it cut last year.) I’ve finally started to accept (and even like) my curly hair.

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