Mr. Bean Goes to Washington

So yesterday, we spent the day on the mall. It was miraculously not too crowded, and the Museum of Natural History was where we spent most of our time. FYI, never ever eat in the cafes at the museums- pack your lunch, unless paying $8.50 for three milks in your idea of a party. After the museum, Bean wanted to walk the length of the mall, but there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the siblings, so I sent them with a friend, and Bean and I took off down the mall, just the two of us.

It was one of the best afternoons I’ve had since we moved. I forget how much I enjoy my kids when I get them one-on-one, and away from the chaos of constant competition for my attention. The others had fun with our friend, but Bean and I were the definite winners.

As we walked, we talked about politics, elections, the white house history, WWII, and even the Emancipation Proclamation.

We talked a lot about Grandpa McKay, and what happened that is commemorated here.

This is a really amazing place to live, and I’m finding myself incredibly glad that we took that deep breath, despite the odds and the fears, and jumped.  Jeffrey and Abby met at us Mr Lincoln, and we all hung out there until I it was time to go home. The reflecting pool is finally filled again, btw…

6 thoughts on “Mr. Bean Goes to Washington

  1. It is an amazing place! We were there for our summer vacation. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing those sights in person!

  2. I love the light in his eyes! I have fond memories of visits to the National Gallery which always took precedence over a hike around the Mall. My loss. I’m so happy to see cool blessings coming your way.

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