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Is anyone getting ads when they pull up Dandelion? I’ve gotten some complaints about noisy ads, and I have not put any ads on Dandelion, I don’t see them, but I’m concerned if *anyone* does. Leave me a message or email me if you can see ads. I have NOT authorized anything, and need to find out if this a wordpress issue or if I’ve been hacked.


Evidently, WordPress selectively puts ads on blogs. I’m doing well enough, apparently, that they have decided to capitalize on me. If I want to pay $30 per year, they will stop.

Here’s the loophole: If you’re logged in or subscribe, you won’t get the ads. Now I have to decide what to do. Jump ship and use another host? Anyone know a host or service that’s reasonable?

17 thoughts on “Obnoxious Ads

  1. I’m so baffled. I don’t see them, and have given NO permission, and am making NO money from them. Who put them there, and how did they get there?

  2. Okay, I accidentally “liked” Walmart on FB (fat fingers on a touch screen) and I suspect that may be why a Walmart ad showed up on your blog, the same thing happened on another blog I read. I deleted my “like” and now the ads have disappeared from your blog. The internet is all connected, my husband was looking at sump pumps and the next day when I opened up a news article, there were some ads for sump pumps. Like there is a big market for those! People who are getting annoying ads may need to check their own web activity. Any techie out there could probably explain what is going on.

  3. When I am on your home page there aren’t any ads, but when I click on the comments button then sometimes an ad shows up.

  4. I got a YouTube ad about tequila. It’s below your content but before the “like” and “share” buttons. It actually looks a lot like you added a video for us to watch, but there is the very small, light grey word “Advertisement” above the video itself. I took a screen shot of the way it appeared to me–if you’d like I can send it to your email.

  5. I see the same you tube trquila ad as listed above. But from your edit note, it sounds like you now know the source.

  6. If you’re looking I’ve used Bluehost for years and liked them. I haven’t had any problems with them and my site is rarely down. It’s very reasonable for hosting. Go Daddy is cheap but makes me crazy with all the ads. I don’t know if it’s still the case but last time I used it (to switch my husband’s site to bluehost) I could hardly find my way around their site because of all the ads.

  7. Don’t see an ad today, but I did a few days ago. It was clearly marked as “Advertisement” in tiny caps, and I thought you got a bonus for extra clicks, like Google does (I think?) so I clicked on it. I’ll just ignore in the future.

  8. Use Dreamhost. Their panel is much easier and more intuitive than bluehost, and they are priced about the same. Porting a wordpress site to dreamhost is very easy. Also, if you choose to put ads on your site, they will be paying YOU not wordpress. You can use google adwords to put google ads on your site if you ever feel like making money from your traffic.

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