Happy #11 Jeffrey!

He opened his kilt, and hooted with delight “MY MAN SKIRT!!!” and promptly donned it. Just wait until he opens the other package from Scotland tonight… His birthday letter will be up later today. We’re off to the Lego store with birthday money from grandma burning a hole in his pocket. Do kilts have pockets?

6 thoughts on “Happy #11 Jeffrey!

  1. My oldest son (24) has a man skirt, though he doesn’t play the bagpipes. Self-expression is a beautiful thing. Can’t wait to hear about or see pictures of Jeffrey’s reaction to tonight’s package!

  2. Can’t wait to read about his reaction to the bagpipes…and look forward to the picture of your Scottish boy in his kilt with bagpipes!
    Happy 11th birthday Jeffrey!
    May it be a great year…

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