Goodbye to Sandra Dee

I’m cutting my hair off. It’s time. It may take me a few weeks to screw up the courage to actually do it, but it’s time for this long hot mess to be chopped. I’ve had this hair for more than a decade, and I need something new. I’m thinking shoulder length, blonde and something that works with my curls but lets me flatiron it when I want to look put together. I’m thinking something like this, both cut and color:

Thoughts? Opinions? What say you, mighty internets?

12 thoughts on “Goodbye to Sandra Dee

  1. As much as I adore your hair as is, I vote go for the cut. I did the same (but shorter, just below my jawline) at the end of last year and it was noted by my professors and clinic supervisors that I looked much more professional. A big plus, a new hair color is always fun.

  2. That’s actually part of why I want to do it. I feel like a relic from 1993 with my fuzzy long Seattle hair and my hairband. I want to look more professional– heck, I start grad school in a few months!

  3. I think your hair will look great short… but I don’t think either of those cuts will work with your hair… especially with the humidity where you are. Have you seen DesignMom’s hair? She has lots of curls like you do… And a cute shorter cut.

    If you do try for those cuts, remember my mantra — you can never thin my hair too much! 🙂

    • *groan* Many of you comment on the frustrations of thick hair. In the meantime, I do everything I can think of to make my baby-fine thin hair look thicker. Sometimes (vanity) life is so unfair. 🙂

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