Doctor Who has taken over our lives. My children are obsessed, and I’m in the midst of trying to figure out how to make a Jeffrey-sized Dalek costume out of cardboard and dollar-store gadgets. Bean is going as the Doctor- we scored at the thrift store with a tweed jacket, suspenders and a bow tie. His sonic screwdriver came in the mail already. Abby wants to be a Weeping Angel. Ditto on the thrift store scores with a long grey dress I can modify, and more cardboard for wings.

If your kids have these same aspirations, you might want to check out this website, which shows how to make a Dalek outfit (ours will not be nearly so cool) or this one, where the woman makes the most amazeballs Weeping Angel (ours will also not be nearly so cool, though I am going to try and cop her wig idea). Mo thinks I should go as River Song, but that’s mostly due to my new short curly mess of a ‘do.

(My other secret obsession right now? The Walking Dead. I mentioned this in Random Crap the other day… but dudes! Shhhhhhh! I read the wiki pages and knowing what was going to happen totally made watching bearable. Dang I missed a lot of good entertainment while I was buried in school.)

5 thoughts on “Exterminate!

  1. you’re a dead ringer for river song! do it!!! and please post pictures of everything afterwards–I’m so excited to see your kids as whovians! Great idea!

  2. My youngest child is watching Doctor Who right now as she waits to leave for school this morning. Unbelievable timing. 😀

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