Suspension Tension

I just had to check the calendar to see not just the day, but the day of the week. The last ten days or so have felt like a submarine trip out of time and outside of reality. All three kids just got on their busses for school, after having missed six of the last nine days of school, and not all always on the same days. Sometime early last week we had a hurricane, and it all went to hell from there.

The hurricane, while it seems to have largely passed through America’s awareness, really hammered the east coast. We escaped without any major damage, and other than having to hunker down and ride it out, were fine. Only along with the hurricane, my minor annoying chest cold migrated into my lungs and rapidly moved from bothersome to bronchitis, and then made the leap to pneumonia.

After spending the night in the hospital and a rousing round of prednisone, antibiotics, codeine, and albuterol, I started to feel human again just in time for all three kids to go down. Four infected ears, three infected sinuses, a cacophony of constant coughing, fevers and sleepless nights, followed by five bottles of antibiotics, constant antihistamines, mountains of laundry, and finally disinfecting the entire house, and maybe… maybe… maybe… we are coming out the other side.

Abby still had swollen glands this morning and looking something like a chipmonk as she pulled her stocking cap on and pleaded with me for another day at home. Jeffrey scowled at me when I made him take a shower and get dressed, then refused his breakfast, and forgot his PE clothes (probably better anyway, that is). Bean was the only one I think was relieved to have me force routine back into shape.

I feel dizzy. The house is quiet for the first time in days and days. I know there are a million things I need to attend- from missing school conferences,  appointments with my GW advisor, studying for the MAT, some freelance work and about a million other irons warming in the fire.  Right now, though? I’m just glad for the quiet.

Oh, and we had an election a few days ago. My only comment on that is will be this: Living in a swing state sucks.

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  1. Prayers of health and healing coming your way. It sounds like an animal house there last week. Hopefully you had the help you need and can settle back into some semblance of normal again.

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