Fall Around These Parts

Just before the apocalypse of sickness and the hurricane hit us, I took the kids to a pumpkin farm up the street and around the corner. Literally. It’s fun how close we are to DC, but how the sprawl here is super concentrated and you don’t have to go far to find working farms and country lanes.I told Bean if he could carry it, he could get it. That might have been a mistake.Jeff was slightly more reasonable, and Abby opted for ‘cute’ over gargantuan.Now they want to make pies. Can’t we just buy one at Costco? I’m hoping they’ll forget and the pumpkins will just continue to look festive on the porch. Anyone else remember the Porch Pumpkin of yesteryear?

3 thoughts on “Fall Around These Parts

  1. Oh I miss pumpkin patches – they are beautiful!

    Having spent the weekend roasting about 10 pumpkins to put puree into the freezer (no canned stuff in Bulgaria), I am not necessarily looking forward to baking pies next week! Such is life.

    Hope life is full of light!
    Love you!

  2. The kids got their postcards yesterday, Kellie! Bean loved his, since he’s studied Turkey in school recently. They are now on our refrigerator. I hope to have the kids send something back to yours. Did you get the card I sent? I can’t figure out if I have your address right. Love you!

  3. I totally remember the porch pumpkin story from several years ago. I think you are talking about the one that stayed on the porch of big house (or the one before that) WAY passed its prime, and someone in your house kept walking past it.

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