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481704_10151200553205963_964460328_nYeah yeah yeah, I know. It’s been insanely busy. I got a job. It’s not making baklava, as shown above— that was yesterday’s activity, between writing and knitting the last two socks of the holiday. I’ve been knitting. Did I tell you that? Anyway…It’s only very part time, but it’s the first regular income I’ve had since… well, before Jeffrey was born. Oh, I’ve had income- from books, patterns, freelance work, commissions, etc… but nothing on a monthly basis I could count on. It’s not many hours, but it’s work, and it’s writing, and it’s paid. So yay!

But what that also means is that I’m running around like a chicken with my head off, juggling waaaaay too many things for my taste. I know some folks like to be really busy— I’m not one of them. I value my down time, and I value having swaths of the clock where I can exhale and remember who I am. For me to feel sane, that’s vital. So while the job might be small, reorganizing my time along with all the holiday hustle and bustle is making me the tiniest bit crazy.

What are your best cookie recipes for Christmas? I have another slab of baklava to make, as this is all being mailed out, and ditto the fudge. I got a recipe for salted brown butter Nutella chocolate chip cookies. I wish I could taste them, but they LOOK divine. I’m thinking along with the above, I’m going to add Sugar Cookies (of course), Wedding Cakes, Toffee and Ginger Snaps. Oh, and Rosettes. Know what those are? My mom used to make them when I was a kid, and she sent me the iron set. They’re my favorite cookie ever, and I’ll find a way to make them gluten free, come hell or high water.

dec-605I’ll do a tutorial on them if you want- but you do have to have the irons- there IS no other way. Fried cookies…Yummmmmmmm…. How long will I have to stay on the eliptical to work those babies off? SO WORTH IT.

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  1. My favorite holiday cookie to make is springerle. I love that I can make them a couple of weeks in advance and let the flavors mellow. And I love anise, so they are perfect for me.

  2. rosettes are my fave Christmas cookie, too. I have the irons, but I have never been able to get the batter to either stay on the iron for frying, or come off the iron when done. when I was a child, my family would receive a plate of rosette cookies every Christmas from a Danish woman in our ward. Thanks for the reminder of a great childhood memory.

  3. The oil has to be at just the right temp, and the iron has to be heated in the oil first for them not to stick. 😉

    My mom would drizzle them with honey, along with the powdered sugar ones. I think those were my favorites.

    • Ours always had cinnamon sugar with a bit of cardamom sprinkled on them. Gah, I can’t get the irons out this weekend, I have finals next week. Friday next week I am going to dig out those darn irons.

  4. I don’t have a favourite but do love a good old fashioned shortbread cookie. That being said, I absolutely love rosettes (we called them snowflake cookies as the iron our friend had was snowflake shaped) and they were to die for. Drizzled in honey and powdered sugar – absolute heaven. Now I want some. Recipe please?!?!?!?!

  5. I usually make Macadamia Nut fudge, Nutella Salted fudge, Sierra Nuggets, Black bottom cupcakes, Cranberry Oatmeal cookies, and Pumpkin roll for Christmas.
    I’m not doing any baking this year – a first for me.
    I just finished a crazy 6-week teaching trip and came home to needing to get my house cleaned and decorated, remove all of the quilting stuff that was housed in my missionary son’s bedroom so when comes home on January 9th he will be able to find his bed, and work on last minute details of my daughter’s wedding which is Jan. 12th.
    I’m making a knitted scarf and a quiet book for my 3-yo granddaughter and a soft color book for my 1-yo granddaughter and my husband and I are painting Vans and Keds for our kids and their spouses. That is the total of Christmas giving this year because of the needs our RM will have upon arrival, our daughter’s wedding reception — totally DIY, and the plane tickets for son with family. Enough Christmas for everyone : )

    I hope you have a wonderful, warm Christmas with your sweet family!

  6. Fudge – I need fudge!! 🙂
    Or at least a fudge recipe that is foolproof, because I fail every fool proof recipe. And I bake…

    Love and miss you, K

  7. I love Spritz cookies. Just plain, simple, buttery with some sanding sugar. Cookies are my kryptonite so I will not be making them this year. A new favorite for us is a candy called “Brigedeiros” that my sister in law’s Brazilian exchange student introduced us to last year. It’s just a can of sweetened condensed milk, 1/2 cup of Nesquik, 3 T. Baking cocoa, and 1 T. Butter cooked over medium low until it thickens, then pour it into a buttered casserole dish until room temp and then roll the balls in powdered sugar, chopped nuts, or sprinkles. It’s like hot chcolate and carmel had a baby

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