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Virginia can’t make up its mind about the season. Last week in was in the 60′s, and today when I woke up, it was 10*. TEN degrees. Doesn’t the Commonwealth know I got rid of those kinds on clothes when I left the northwest!? This is the south, for turkey’s sake! Digging through all the clothes the kid’s had, I still feel I shoved them out the door inadequately warm.

Guilt plagued me all day, imagining their frozen little bodies shivering on the bus. So I baked cookies and made hot chocolate from scratch so when their blue-lipped selves tottered off the bus, they would at least know their mom, abysmal clothing failure though she is, at least loved them before hypothermia took over. Of course they bounded off the bus all happy and red-cheeked, nowhere near Donner Party Dead.
So we had a tea party anyway.

As for myself, I worked all day. This working from home business is interesting- on one hand I love it— I get to work in my pajamas if I so deem— on the other hand… I HAVE SO MANY CUTE SHOES, WHERE AM I GOING TO WEAR THEM NOW?! I mean, I still get up, shower, get myself ready for the day (really, I don’t stay in my pj’s all day- I swear!) (it’s a holdover from when Mo told me I was “too pretty to look like that”) but still… are shoes still cute with no one to admire them?

Anyway. Kids. Work. Shoes. Molten liquid from grandma’s tea cups. I’ll call it a day.

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  1. Ahh my friend, I understand…Bulgaria can’t make up its mind either. We have had snow, the last week or snow all said snow had melted and we were WARM. IT snowed this morning. And now it is RAINING! Hmm, not sure what to expect. And we hear horror stories of last winter which had 15+ feet of snow. Glad that is not the case!
    Miss you lots!

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