Panic NOW! It snowed in Virginia!


This. This is the snowpocalypse that caused school to be cancelled, federal workers to be cautioned to “work from home” and a reorganization of the entire mid-terms weeks for the middle-school kids. If I wasn’t so utterly annoyed, it would be funny. Really??! THIS? For this, my kids are home for the day? My western friends are surely dying of laughter, as they go shovel another foot off the frozen drive and throw the kids in the Suburban to get them to school. Just like I would be doing if I hadn’t moved.

2 thoughts on “Panic NOW! It snowed in Virginia!

  1. Oh my. I remember this when I moved to New York. Currently, in Utah, my family is coming off of Winter Storm Gandalf only to be met by an unheard of ice storm. School is in session whether we slip-slide-and-away themselves there. Gotta love the East Coast!

  2. Ahh, I remember this…the mere chance of snow caused everything to shut down. From a girl born and raised in Alaska I found it to be ridiculous! Happy snow day (by the way, it will probably just be a dusting – but beware!).

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