Random Crap, End of January Edition


Turns out the snow day wasn’t so bad. The kids had a no-screen day, and after the initial griping and moaning, they invented several games and amused themselves with absolutely no fighting, no complaining, and no bugging mom while she worked. I’m unclear what’s happening in this picture, but they’re laughing, so… WIN!

The heater went out last night. It was <20 degrees. I was standing in the kitchen, and realized I was dang cold- had been slowly getting colder all day, but I kind of (lame) thought I was just getting sick or something. But nope… no heat. Mercifully, I have great landlords— they’re easy to reach, and they respond promptly. I bundled the kids up and we pretended we were pioneers. What else is a Mormon supposed to do when it’s cold besides play pioneer?

Testing a new recipe for enchiladas today- if it tastes as good as it smells, I’ll be sharing with y’all in the next few days. Below is a chunk of the browned beef roast that’s currently simmering with the homemade enchilada sauce in my dutch oven. Soon it will fall to pieces, I will strain the sauce, make some tortillas, and return and report. Drrroooool.


I’ve been watching The Tudors on Netflix at night after the chickens are asleep. Two thoughts: the cinematography is breathtakingly spectacular… every. single. shot is set up like a Dutch painting. I sit there with my mouth agape sometimes. The other thought? Man, Henry VIII was a giant a**hole! Still, totally worth watching.

Only two week until Walking Dead starts up again! Woohoo! (it’s kind of provincial and sweet that the chaos of my life has settled down enough that I can be excited about something on TV again. It’s been years…)

Bean got some tracing paper, and is currently working on the covers of his books. This requires no one go near him, touch him, or talk to him. lest his concentration be ruined and the entire process thwarted. He’s got a bit of his mama’s artist heart, methinks…



6 thoughts on “Random Crap, End of January Edition

  1. Love your Random Crap – reminds me that life is normal, your normal, but normal nonetheless.
    So glad for happy days – reminding us not to care what the kids are doing if they are not fighting and are having fun…wins all around!

    Love and miss you…

  2. I have been curious about The Tudors, but I’ve heard that it’s…um…very adult themed. Is it? That’s been my only hesitation. I’m a history geek so I’ve been really intrigued.

  3. Hnybny, the history is atrocious- they condense time, composite people, and take all kinds of liberties- but it’s still soap-a-licious. It’s such a beautifully photographed show, I can forgive some of that with an eye-roll, and just enjoy the prettiness. The themes are very Tudor- head lopping off, betrayal, manipulation, extortion… lots of unpleasantness. Henry VIII was a real jerk, and it’s no wonder Mary became known as Bloody Mary. I love it. šŸ˜‰

  4. Tracy,
    Love your blog – thanks for sharing your life.

    Question for you: Have you noticed that sometime within the last year Bean has stopped making that “false” smile and now has a variety of expression in pictures? Some of them even have a “gleeful” grin.

    Love to you and yours,


  5. Sarah, I have, and it makes me so happy. He’s doing wonderfully and I give special ed, therapy and wonderful teachers much of the credit for helping him. I’m glad others have noticed. Thank you!

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