Return and Report: Mo Got Married!

Mo’s wedding was simply one of the most charming, unique, relaxing and enjoyable weddings I’ve ever attended. She colored entirely outside the box— no surprise, right?— and did so with such faith in who she is and how she wanted to start her new life, it was a roaring success.


All the details were totally “them”- from the Airstream food truck that made chicken and waffles to nosh, to the board games spread all over the tables, to the competition Pez dispensers for favors, where guests had to choose between her beloved Seattle Mariners and his Boston Red Sox. (I may or may not have have taken three Red Sox Pez dispensers, hoping to stilt the results). The wedding cake was an assortment of cupcakes, with a tiny real cake topped with flowers and dinosaurs:

208650_10200897053487661_959579872_nThis wedding was proof that you simply do not have to buy into the wedding industrial complex to have a fantastic, enjoyable, fun and personal celebration of lives joining. There was no processional, no attendants, no aisle, no bouquet throwing. The ceremony was personal, with handwritten vows that included promises to love and cherish along side references to Doctor Who, Joss Whedon and possible options during a zombie apocalypse. Like I said, it was perfectly them- intimate, funny, open and overflowing with wonderful, quirky love.


I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of it. I’m really happy for my dearest friend, and for the triumph of love in the face of the messiness and sharp edges of life. Things like this need to be (and should be) celebrated. Namaste, my friends. Love wins.


12 thoughts on “Return and Report: Mo Got Married!

  1. I did- if one closed one’s eyes, it was delicious. If one looked at the spoon proffered with said jam upon it, it was difficult to get over the impression of cat garp. But dude, yum!

  2. So fun! Mo looks gorgeous and that aqua blue with her eyes and hair? Shut up, she is stunning! Love the chicken and waffles idea and the board games. All so fun and so perfect to make an intimate and memorable day. Many congrats to her and her beau, the make a beautiful couple.

  3. To be fair, there were already a dozen fewer Red Sox dispensers in the beginning. And the smattering of Red Sox fans who were there took some extras…I presume so they can soothe the pain of being Red Sox fans with sugar as the season progresses

  4. Wow! Absolutely beautiful…so happy for Mo, and so happy that you were able to share in her personal day with her! Yay for making memories, and making life yours and yours alone! Yay for love!

  5. It was by far, the most fun I have had at a wedding in a very long time! Awesome food, great friends, sweet couple in love, and Tracy’s little art projects. Perfect!

  6. Three cheers for love, happiness, and being comfortable with who you are and what you want. Congrats, Mo! I’m so grateful you could be there, Tracy.

  7. I’m sorry, I’m confused, or maybe just behind…I thought your friend Mo was married to someone in the military. ??

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