Sunday Carb Wallowing: General Conference Edition

I made these today. They are massive. And I can’t so much as take a bite. Stupid gluten… Get my recipe here. Make them. Now! Really. Go do it! You’re welcome. My apologies to your heart.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Carb Wallowing: General Conference Edition

  1. I always think about you and these at conference time. Too bad it’s just me and my little girl here–can’t justify them. I would eat them all. And I LOVE that green pan.

  2. Those look amazing! I made Strawberry Banana Bread for the first time this conference weekend! Soon, to post about it, was very good.

  3. Tracy, how do you get them so perfectly shaped? I make them often but the “swirl” doesn’t look like yours at all? Any tips??

  4. Roll them thin, spread the butter and cinnamon sugar all the way to the edges, and then roll them up fat. Cut with a piece of string. That’s it. I think uniformity and thinness in the roll-out might be key.

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