Summer Yawns Before Us

I’m such a slacker. I’m so happy we’ve got some make-up days from all the stupid, ridiculous Snow Days this winter, and realized just this morning that the kids are in school until Tuesday of next week. I’d been doing a count-down based on this Friday. Add a Lame star to the Slacker Crown.

I know it’s a first-world problem— I have the luxury of decent housing, enough food, a running car and satisfying employment… but as a single mom, facing summer isn’t something I rejoice. The unstructured days are hard for Bean, and I don’t have the resources for camp or somewhere exciting for them to visit. We have a pool here in our neighborhood, and it’s where we’ll undoubtably be spending a lot of time. IMG_0628Free and close. Those are good things when contemplating the expanse of summer. I’ve got to find a you-pick farm around here and put up some jam, too. It’s not July without jam, and despite getting rid of all my canning supplies at the Garage Sale to End All Garage Sales last June, I’m determined to at least keep some rituals in place.IMG_0622We found our local Minor League Potomic Nationals, and discovered Monday nights are $1 night, all summer long. Bean did awesome at his first game, and we even lasted until the 7th inning before we had to leave. I love minor league ball- it’s hokey and small, you can chat with the players in the bullpen, and you get lots of teaching opportunities with all the errors and bunts and pickles. I even think I impressed my kids with my baseball smarts- thanks, Dad, Mike and brothers. See? I was listening after all.IMG_0596The first Tuesday of every month is Free Lego Day at the Lego store. Awwww yeah. Nevermind the lines- these kids will stand patiently as long as necessary for gratis Legos.IMG_0617Abby gave a presentation and was tested, and might be advancing a grade, come fall. I guess the giveaway was when her teacher started using her to tutor the other students in the class, rotating her seat assignment weekly. I’m happy for my girl- I want her to have the tools she needs, whatever they are, to shine, and she far out-stripes her mama. (That’s a diorama she made on the habitat of snakes in the rainforest- and the snake is on a toothpick poked through the back so it can slither across the floor. I didn’t help her at all, aside from going to the craft store with her alphabetized list of supplies. The dragonfly also spins.)IMG_0639In cicada news, because I know y’all are on pins and needles, this is the only fully grown one I’ve seen. That’s a nickel next to it, for scale. I have no idea why, but we are in a bubble of No Bugs. We can hear them, everywhere we go, but in our neighborhood? Nada. I’m heaving with relief, honestly. My dread knew no bounds. This little one, all by itself, it actually kind of pretty. Of course, if he’d brought millions of his friends, I’d be having a conniption. IMG_0630This is a tired face I plan on seeing a lot of in the next two months. Keeping this boy active and exhausted are going to be the keys to all of our survival for vacation. What’s up with you for summer? Are you a super-planner? Or do you wing it, like me?

7 thoughts on “Summer Yawns Before Us

  1. This site lists a bunch of you-pick places in every county and every state (it also lists Christmas tree farms and pumpkin patches, just fyi.) We have found several awesome places through it. The pool is also my master plan for wearing my kids out. It works for everyone except Janie 🙂
    Good luck!

  2. Tracy, you are in a cicada bubble because you live in a relatively new development. If the ground has been disturbed within the last 17 years, the larvae were destroyed. Hence: no cicadas. If you want to experience the opposite, try driving up Connecticut Ave NW. During the last hatch, I had to have the car windows closed all the way as I drove to or from work, or I’d end up with a dozen cicadas in the car.

  3. Ewwww, Rosalie! I took Abby to the Battlefield yesterday because she wanted to actually see them. I stayed huddled in the car while my budding entomologist collected live bugs and examined hatch-holes. I drew the line at her bringing them home with us.

    • At least you won’t have one of the kids decide to see what happens when they put one in the microwave. That was my experience 17 years ago.

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