Why Do You Need Feminism?


Cambridge University students were asked this question, and like Tim Russert of old, filled in their answers on a whiteboard. It’s fascinating, and I found myself loving some of the answers. A few of my favorites:

  • I need feminism because my mum still think it’s more important that I get a good husband than a good degree.
  • I need feminism because one in four women will be survivors of rape.
  • I need feminism because people still ask what the victim was wearing.
  • I need feminism because I used to think calling my brother a girl was a legitimate insult.
  • I need feminism because I haven’t had a female lecturer in three years.
  • I need feminism because I don’t want to choose between having a family and having a career.
  • I need feminism because sex trafficking is the 2nd biggest industry worldwide.
  • I need feminism because some of my friends will laugh at me for doing this.
  • I need feminism because men are afraid of women laughing at them, women are afraid of men killing them.
  • I need feminism because 45% of all homicides against women are committed by a partner or ex-partner.
  • I need feminism because I considered not getting this photo taken because I’m not wearing make-up
  • I need feminism because I won’t have to justify not taking my wife’s name.
  • I need feminism because so many people in my generation think feminism is a dirty word.
  • I need feminism because they told her Harry Potter wouldn’t sell if it was by Joanne Rowling.
  • I need feminism because 1/65 of math professors at Cambridge are women.
  • I need feminism because basic human rights shouldn’t be dictated by dicks.

And my own answers, I would add:

  • I need feminism because I have been accused of not putting my children’s needs first in choosing to pursue higher education.
  • I need feminism because after my divorce, I became the primary support, financially and emotionally, of my family.
  • I need feminism because the way I look is not indicative of my worth as a person.
  • I need feminism because I was afraid to write this post because I want people to like me. 

There are many more- go look- you might be surprised which ones are written by men. I love the many men in my life who understand the importance of this, and are doing their own parts in their own lives, to be role models. I love that my sons and daughter look perplexed when encountering blatant sexism; it’s just not on their radar that mom wouldn’t be able to do anything and everything- and this fact is the foundation of the future.

6 thoughts on “Why Do You Need Feminism?

  1. It’s too bad Ms. Utah could not have read your post and had something to say to her question that she flubbed! I actually LOVED the first one……….really hit home.

  2. I liked reading this post. It made me feel like I should more publicly own my feminism too. I hopw I’m up to dealing with the blowback.

  3. Love this. And the male student who said he hit had a female lecturer in 3 years? He should be happy to hear that my dear friend and BYU/UCSD alum Liberty Walther Barnes will be teaching sociology of gender at Cambridge this year! Awesome stuff.

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