Happy Anniversary, Virginia Landing

One year ago this evening, my tired children and I landed in Virginia. Accustomed to the San Francisco fog and the Northwest steel-grey skies, we walked out of the terminal at Dulles International into a nasty heatwave and swamplike humidity. I don’t remember a lot from those hectic and stressful days, but I do remember, clearly, all three children looking up at me as the first waves of thick steamy air hit with baffled confusion and horror. “What IS this, mom??” We were too tired to to anything but get to our place and crash, but I’ll never forget the scowling confusion at the cloudy skies that stayed HOT.

We’ve learned a few things in the ensuing year. First, folks like to visit here, and we’ve enjoyed a lot of friends and even family passing through. It’s a wonderful perk.

Virginia still doesn’t feel like home; will it ever? I don’t know- but then I don’t know how long we’ll be here, either. For now, it’s where we’re at, and despite Virginians not knowing how to drive (the California girl in me will say that about everywhere) we’re making the best of it. We’re doing alright.






4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Virginia Landing

  1. Happy first anniversary!….Nice pics..It sure looks like your kids feel like its home. They look happy and comfortable 🙂

  2. when I moved to the Midwest (KC MO) from home in SF CA Bay Area it took me years to get accustomed to cloudy skies and rain (and thunder storms) when it was 90 degrees … for me rain and cloudy skies meant cool weather. I still hate the humidity.

  3. Anywhere can feel like home, as long as you have people you love! We’ve been in VA for almost 10 years now, and it definitely feels like home. And FWIW, Seattle weather confuses the HECK out of me. Is it raining, or not? The beach is full of rocks! Why is the sun shining and it’s STILL COLD? And the sky is just….gray. All the time. There is no weather, it’s just gray. Every time I come back from the Northeast, the humidity greets me like an old friend.

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