Bean: Ten Trips ‘Round the Sun


IMG_0408Dear Bean,

You, my son, are a joy. It’s taken us a decade to get here, and like all great joys (and I do believe this) it’s been accompanied by hard work and difficulty, but it has been (and will always be) utterly and completely worth it. Just like in this photo, you are undaunted by the hills in your life; you charge ahead, embodied in your lithe growing muscles and curious, vibrant, reaching spirit. At once, nothing seems to faze you and everything touches you. You are, and always have been, an enchanting, hard-wired enigma. I cannot fathom you any other way.

It is a privilege to be your mother. From your resilient soul, I have learned things I could not have learned any other way, and you have changed forever the lives of your family. By virtue of being who you are, we are a deeper, kinder, more compassionate and thoughtful family.  The beautiful thing is, you’re just busy being you- it is us who are transformed.

Happy birthday, Bean.
Mama loves you more than she has words to say.




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