The Shifting Nature of Birthdays


Today is my birthday. At this point, the narcissistic myopia of childhood is long behind me and I no longer think this day is the MOST MAGICAL DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, but do you ever outgrow hoping to wake up on your birthday to something special? Do you ever stop hoping for the Birthday Fairy to have remembered *your* birthday? None of my kids remembered today was my birthday, and as I shuttled them out the door to run for their busses, my eyes started to sting. I felt like an ass.

The truth is, it’s been a great week. Friends and loved ones have been beyond wonderful to me; I had a great weekend with women who flew in from all over the country. The other night, I had one of the best surprises I could ever have imagined, pulled off with tremendous combined effort by multiple friends and people I love beyond all reason. It was simply magical. I have so much to be grateful and happy about.

But I kinda still like that I’ve never let go of the tiniest hope that the Birthday Fairy might show up…

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6 thoughts on “The Shifting Nature of Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday!

    My husband doesn’t really believe in birthday fairy magic like I do, so he didn’t seem to mind when I was sick on his birthday this year and didn’t do anything for it, because we had already celebrated a few days before. I still felt bad about it though, because I firmly believe in birthday magic. Birthdays ought to always be at least a little magical, and I am always disappointed on those years where they aren’t.

  2. Happy birthday my friend!

    So in true friend fashion, your present will be late, but sent with love by the birthday fairy!

    Love you so very much!

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  4. as a women of a certain age I wish my birthday would either be celebrated with gusto or not mentioned. As my elderly mother-in-law and our family drama queen’s birthday is the day after mine the usual is to make a very minor effort to mention it at her big gathering. It is embarrassing. every year I ask the in-law family to please not do that and every year they ignore my request. Next year I am planning not to attend the annual grandma’s bigger is better event . Wish the birthday fairy would just pass me bye.

  5. I figured between those two major happy events (the weekend visit with friends and the wonderful surprise), the birthday fairy visited early!

    Perspective, my friend… 😉

    Just for the record, happy (belated) birthday. You are appreciated and loved!

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