Baby Brother’s Bridal Bash

IMG_1046Bean was thrilled when I got the suitcases out. For two days, he walked around the house literally IN the suitcase. Despite his best efforts, he is now too big to actually zip himself inside, but he tried. Ohhhhh how he tried… (He’s asked for his own BIG suitcase for Christmas. Should make the holidays easy on mom, right?) (Do you love his outer-space pants? They’re silky lycra, snagged on clearance from the women’s department at Ross, for $2 a pair. He lives in them.)

My baby brother got married, and the entire family joined forces and traveled to Oregon to help throw a wedding bash and support him as he starts a new path in life. More than 35 of my clan flew from the four corners to the Pacific Northwest to chip in and make this shindig happen, to celebrate and to enjoy a mini family reunion of sorts.IMG_1051While I raced the sun east Friday morning, a wonderful friend volunteered to stay with my children for the weekend- the kids were over the moon; this friend is a break from the rules and regulations of mama. Bean utterly adores this person— any time I find someone Bean loves, it’s manna for my soul. I truly would have loved to have taken them, but a slingshot trip over and back would have been a) way too expensive for all four of us, and b) not nearly enough time with grandma and grandpas and cousins for the expense.

Also, Virginia and the east coast in general needs to stop trying to sell me on their “mountains”. It’s cute and everything, but these, my dears, are mountains:IMG_1060And that particular one is half blasted away! Yes, it’s Mt. St. Helens. It used to be a lot bigger. See? Mountain. Timberline. Snow. All year long. Even at half-blown-away size. Shenanodahs? Hills.

Anyway…. The wedding took place. I think my brother is happy, and the siblings and cousins were all together for the first time since I moved east last year. IMG_1096The day after the wedding we hit some of the sights along the Columbia River Gorge, and I got to hang out with my extended family for the day. Yes, that’s my mom. She looks like she’s twelve here, and I love her.IMG_1082 IMG_1075We headed to Multnomah Falls next, and made the short climb to the bridge. It was a rare, lovely clear fall day- we totally lucked out.IMG_1089Later that evening, tired and hungry, we hit up the restaurant across the street to watch the 49er game (remember, we’re all from San Francisco!) and boo the Dodgers in the NLCS. 1 for 1 on the evening. This picture makes me happy:IMG_1099Then I flew home. Tired. Happy. IMG_1056

4 thoughts on “Baby Brother’s Bridal Bash

  1. Loved your comment about the “mountains” of Virginia. We lived in the Sierra and then moved to VA and thought pretty much the same as you. I have a picture of my daughter laughing and pointing at the sign marking the highest place in Shenendoah Park, 3000+ feet. We were at 2500 in CA with views of mts. over 5000. They just don’t know mountains back there.

    • Thanks, Ann. Yeah, I miss the mountains something fierce, and it makes me laugh when I see signs that say “Mt. So and So” and it’s a little rise in the road.

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