My Girl: Mentored

IMG_1103Holding onto girls who are bright and interested in math and the sciences is an ongoing (huge!) issue in the educational community- and at large, as a society. One of the keys to keeping girls engaged and active where they excel is mentoring. Thankfully, I know some truly exceptional women, and Abby has mentors in ecology, mathematics, legal reform for women, and biology. I have a dear friend who is a professor of biology in Florida, and she sent Abby a box full of microbes this last week. My girl has spent days on the computer, learning about e.coli, paramecium, chicken pox and penicillin. This will serve her well when she’s the first woman on Mars, right? Oh yeah.


4 thoughts on “My Girl: Mentored

  1. You can also give people syphilis. It’s cute! And pink! Someone gave it to me while I was in grad school (the fluffy version) and my 3-year-old found it and plays with it all the time. I am not sure how I feel about this . . .

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