Random Crap: “Meh” Edition

It’s picture day at school today. Which of course means my children all decided THIS was the day to cultivate haystack bedhead and hideously mismatched clothes. It was an easy-fix with Abby and Jeffrey, but oh Bean… I just gave up. I did. I folded. Not worth the fight. Not worth sending him off to school in a tizzy. We shall see with mild curiosity what returns to me.

It’s the middle of October now, and the leaves are just barely beginning to change. It’s so different here than it was in Washington state- I keep forgetting fall comes later and winter is milder– despite the ridiculous amount of “snow” days we get here.

It’s knitting season! Everyone has asked for Christmas Socks again this year, so I figured I’d start now- I’ve got the yarn for two pair, need to pick up stuff for Abby’s, and I’m making myself a pair this year. Can I get out the Christmas music yet?

I threw a tiny little birthday party for one of my dear friends last weekend. I’ve been out of the party-throwing world for so long I had forgotten how much fun it is to have folks over and meet new friends. There are so many wonderful and interesting people in the world. I can’t wait to have Christmas party again someday. Though this tiny little townhouse… I’m not so sure.

Jeffrey officially made the leap from little kid’s Sunday School to the Young Men program in church last Sunday. It only took him two months to make up his mind- not bad. He’s comfortable now and that’s what he seems to need. I guess he’ll have more activities and crap now, which means more taxi service. How long before he can drive?

Speaking of Jeffrey, he’s officially taller than me. It was coming. I still wasn’t ready:


Anyone else read the “Outlander” series? It’s at the top of my pile of non-academic reading. Speaking of which, someone is waaaaay behind in one of those piles…

The Siren call of Ikea has been luring me lately, despite the utter fact that I a) need literally nothing, and b) can’t fit anything else in this tiny house. So far I have resisted. But… I know they’re putting their holiday things out soon, and…and… and… LIGHTS! DECORATIONS!!! ADVENT CRAP!!!!!! yeah, I’m a lost cause…

Anyone know any recipes using shallots and red current jam? Mo bought them at the store and now cannot remember what she utterly NEEDED them for. At a loss. Help!

Dude. NoVA and DC are back to work. Now maybe I can do some archival work at the Library of Congress for a friend of- because the shutdown was really about my inability to get to the library, right? In all seriousness, it was scary around here- there are Federal employees all over the country, but here… yikes! The whole area pretty much shuttered-up. I shall abstain from pointing out what a bunch of idiots are across the river. See how I took the high road there? Yeah!? No…? Sigh…

Some friends of mine had long planned a trip to Yosemite— they’re rock climbers and Yosemite is ground zero for climbers. It’s nearly a holy pilgrimage to climb Half Dome. Guess when their trip was? Shutdown city. But they’d already bought the airline tickets and made arrangements with their kids and sitters and work. So they went anyway. While the park was officially closed, they cannot close the highway. There were barricades on the side roads and they were told not to “do no sightseeing”. (Can you believe that crap!!?) They saw some other cars parked, and decided it was worth possibly getting a parking ticket to do a little hike- they were in the high country, not the Valley floor. They ended up hiking the 28 mile round-trip to the top of Half Dome and back. They only saw one other couple the whole time. Yosemite is ALWAYS crowded! They had the entire park to themselves. When they got back to their car? Not even a parking ticket. What an amazing gift to get to experience Yosemite deserted- especially for gifted, experienced climbers who had waited years to do this. So take that, barricades.

glacier point half dome

6 thoughts on “Random Crap: “Meh” Edition

  1. Oooh, Outlander series! I liked the first two better than the last ones but the whole thing is absolutely addicting!

  2. So jealous! A quiet Yosemite? One can dream… One of my favorite places on earth. I can’t imagine how peaceful that must have been…

  3. ahh, fighting the battle of clothes/hair – not the battle I am willing to fight currently, even for pictures!
    I am throwing a baby shower today – and I too realize I am out of the realm of adult parties. Kids’ parties I can do – but just adults – ahh! And to keep the kids out of the stuff and house clean for the moment.

    Tracy, love and miss you dearly!

  4. Good choice on the school pics. My kids always pull garish faces so I have given up on having “nice” photos from school.

    Look, I love a good romance novel with dog-eared pages, but I hated Outlander. I read the whole dang book waiting for the great parts. The story was novel but the writing wasn’t any better than a drugstore novel. In some ways it was much worse as the final scenes were quite disturbing. So now having two opinions you are no better off than having none!

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