IMG_1122The Christmas knitting has commenced. I figure if I start now, I might even be able to make a pair for myself. Or so it may go…

The funny thing is, as I knit, I’ve noticed whatever my thoughts are or whatever I’m doing oddly becomes embedded in the memories of the piece. The stripes? Was watching Happy Gilmore. The heel? “The Girl Who Waited” Doctor Who episode on BBC America. The rest? World Series Game 1 last night, while I chatted with my Home Teacher. I find the same thing with paintings, quilts and other projects I make- even years later, when I look at a piece, I am shot back in memory to what I was thinking or doing when I made it. Anyone else noticed similar things in creation?

4 thoughts on “Socks

  1. looking at clothes I made for my girl especially brings back memories, that ribbon dress that took days and days, the blue and white jumper she wore every other day, the custom made t-shirt, the prom dress. they all made me cry a little. I can’t believe I actually made those wonderful memories with a few yards of cloth.

  2. I had a friend that never took a note while in class she just knitted the entire time. Thought it was weird at first, but she got straight A’s, so, not so weird!

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