Post-Christmas Wrap-up

Christmas was lovely here on the Eastern Seaboard- we wildly swung between two days over 70 degrees, followed up with flurries and 19 degrees. It’s never dull. The kids had a marvelous Christmas, and we have six more days of vacation to lollygag around and do whatever the heck we feel like. It’s pretty nice. Christmas will be coming down in a day or so, and I’m looking forward to 2014 with happiness. Hope your holiday was as lovely as ours. (did you make the eggnog truffles??)


Brothers admire Abby’s Christmas dress.


Endless Taco Night at the local taqueria.


Icing cookies, per annual tradition.


A few of dozens of socks I knitted this year…


Christmas Morning. Bean woke up at 4 am. FOUR AM. This was at sunrise, until I could hold them off no longer.


It was a good Christmas.


Hands-down, the favorite present. Thanks, Santa!

IMG_1270 IMG_1248 IMG_1256

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