The Goodness of People: Valentine Edition

1972455_10152029929005963_476063077_nPeople are so good. Deep down, when it matters, when the superficial is wiped away- people are good. On Valentine’s Day (fie! hiss!) Bean came home from school in tears, dejected and distraught. He’d carefully signed his name to 24 little paper Valentines for his class party, and in return, he received…. nothing. Abby had her overflowing paper-covered box, filled with pink and red hearts and treats. Bean had his carefully made box- a pencil-drawn monster-face with an open mouth cut for the Valentines to be deposited- but there was not one Valentine.

He curled up on the couch, hiding his face in a pillow, whispering “I don’t have any friends.” This is a recurring issue for him (and honestly, for a lot of SpEd/ASD kids- socializing is hard.) and I reassured him that he was loved and had friends.

I put up a small note about it on social media, and within minutes, people were asking if their kids could send him a Valentine.

This… this is what good people, literally from all over the country, did for one sad boy:1795631_10152029970320963_140913680_nHand-drawn, store-bought, treat-ladden, or simple cut construction paper- every one bearing a message of love and friendship for one boy, whom most of you have never even met. There were even three hand-made Doctor Who cards and a letter from the Doctor himself, addressed to Bean. There simply aren’t words for this kind of outpouring of love.

After some investigative work on my end, it seems there was an oversight, and his name was left off the main class list. He divides his time between several teachers, and it was just an accident. I’d say he’s gotten the better part though. 

Last night, as I was tucking him in bed, he wrapped his arms around my neck from the top bunk, and said “Mom, I guess I DO have friends. Lots of them!” This is something that will likely have long-reaching ripples in his life. Thank you all. Deeply and with all my heart. People are so very good.1897760_10152029968875963_1586612129_n

12 thoughts on “The Goodness of People: Valentine Edition

  1. First my heart was broken, then my heart rejoiced…people are good! I am so, so happy for Bean, and for his mama.

  2. How terrible for him! I’m glad it ended well. I used to work at a school where the kids could buy “candy grams” for each other at Christmas time and Valentine time. One boy came to me with a handful one day and showed me the tag: To (him) From (him). He told me they were the only ones he ever got, the ones he sent to himself! Being a kid is tough!

  3. And now I must find you on Facebook and/or Instagram…. is that okay? I wish I had known and been able to send something. I know you have no connection to me other than a few comments here, but I feel like I’ve known you forever (I realize how creepy that sounds, but it is the fate of blogging, no?) and I cry and laugh and rejoice along with you and your adorable family. Thank you for sharing… again.

  4. I wish I would have known as well. Sitting here in tears for both Bean and then the show of support from strangers. But also, I’m sitting here ready to chew out his teacher! Should she not be more aware – not only of special ed kids but also those kids who struggle socially? Some sort of back-up plan…..SOMETHING!! Just think it was really short sighted of her\him – was not a list with ALL the childrens names sent home so that the kids make something for EVERYONE in the class?? I’m so glad it ended on a positive for Bean – but I must say I’m gonna need a sec to simmer down!!

  5. This is a very sweet post. Thanks. I am also wondering what happened to Mormon Mommy Wars. I have been trying to check in with it for a week or so and I can’t find it. Like, my server can’t even seem to open the page, let alone show new content if there is any. Do you know what has happened? Is it closed down? That still wouldn’t explain (I don’t think) why I can’t even get to the site. But I’m not having problems getting anywhere else in the blogosphere. Puzzled.

  6. I miss your blog posts!! It’s now April 2, while I’m SO happy people sent Bean alot of wonderful Valentine’s, I miss hearing about your kids and you and what’s going on in life. It’s kind of like Reality TV – gotta keep up on the Kardashians or the Chrisleys or whomever….you know…gotta check in and see whats up 🙂 (Not that I watch either of those two shows mind you – but I DO read your blog!!!)

  7. Visit your blog now and then, and just reading this today about Bean made me smile, there are lots of nice people still around.

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