Checking In: Spring Update

As I’m sure it’s become quietly clear, I’m on hiatus right now. Sabbatical… whichever word works— it’s not a vacation, because it’s not fun. It’s not a break, because nothing is broken. I’ve certainly not stopped writing- that’s no more feasible than pigs flying, or my suddenly thinking hugging a shark is a fantastic idea. I’m writing for BCC still- and you can read them here, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you. I’m writing professionally as well, but for a multitude of reasons, I decided to allow the Dandelion fields to lay fallow for a season.

I want to thank you for all the wonderful emails and notes I’ve received. I forget sometimes, as I type onto the little glowing screen, that there are people who care about us, but about whom I am unaware. I still approach Dandelion as a space to have a conversation about the commonalities in life- raising kids, balancing a million things, autism, divorce, dating, kids becoming teenagers (can you believe their audacity?!), faith, work, education, how damned hard it is some days, and how beautiful the grace is when it shines down on us. Come, sit with me around my kitchen table and talk… Which is a really long (surprise) way of saying: I’m not done writing, and as soon as this fallow time is done, I will be back. There is a seat at my table for you- please tell me how you are.

Until then, we are safe, we are well, and we are we are resting- as one sometimes can- beside the quiet fallow fields.